Coast summer festival 2013 reflects Syria civilization


Tartous, July 6, 2013 – (SANA-M. Nassr/ M. Ismael) – Minister of Tourism, Hala al-Nasser, stressed that the tourism sector in Syria will regain momentum as the Syrian government is determined to press ahead with reconstruction process along with the victories achieved by the army.

During the second day activities of the coast summer festival 2013 in Tartous, Minister al-Nasser said that the festival stresses Syria’s strength and resolve to confront all challenges that resulted from the acts of the armed terrorist groups.


In a speech during the ceremony of graduating a marine rescue batch organised by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent branch in Tartous, Minister al-Nasser hailed the diversity of the festival, which reflects the Syrian heritage and civilization, adding that the big turnout is an evidence on the national unity among the Syrians.


For his part, Head of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) in Tartous, Ahmad Othman, highlighted the need to focus on training and rehabilitation, adding that the SARC has carried out several courses to train volunteers in many provinces.


Al-Nasser and Tartous governorate honored the families of 6 martyrs and 31 wounded, in addition to 5 of the top students in the province.

The martyrs’ relatives expressed their pride in the martyrdom of their sons in the line of duty, adding that the Syrians are living as one big family and ”the homeland deserves all sacrifice.”


The festival included art exhibitions, such as plastic art, sculpture, handicrafts and folk markets, also featuring a children art exhibition with 50 paintings drawn by 15 children.

The festival was attended by political, media and religious figures from different Arab countries.













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