Syrian Arab Army controls “The Industrial Qaboun”



Syrian Arab Army has today morning seized full control of the Industrial Area of al-Qaboun, in Damascus, which separates the al-Qaboun from Jubar neighborhood.

A series of incentive and qualitative  operations have been launched in the last few hours by Syrian Army; through these operations Syrian Army manage to destroy all the strongholds of the militants and also managed to kill a noticeable number of militants among whom the majority were foreigners.

The Syrian News Agency SANA reported an official source that the area that has been regained is about 1.5 km stretching from south of al-Qaboun till the al-Mutahalek al-Januby motorway junction, what means that this move will cut off supply roads and restrict their movements between Jubar, al-Qaboun, Zamalka and Harasta.

The source points out that “torture-hideouts and bases for militant leaders have been discovered besides tunnels wide enough for a car to pass through. Also diverse weapons were found including mortars, machineguns, and Lau Israeli missiles”.

The source continued that a map was found also locating all the snipers positions in the area with instructions for each militant group.










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