Syrian Journalist Union


Syria pays price for its support to resistance

Damascus – 6/7/2013 – Chairman of the Journalists Union, Elias Murad stressed the important role of intellectuals, academics and journalists in raising national awareness on the Arab causes and the conspiracies aiming to fragment and control the Arab nation.

Meeting on Friday an Algerian popular delegation comprising political, academic and scientific figures, Murad pointed out to the mutual history of struggle between Syria and Algeria against the French colonialism, adding that Syria is paying today a huge price for its stances in supporting resistance and adhering to the Arab nationalism to face the fragmentation projects targeting the Arab nation.

He highlighted the role of the objective media in conveying the reality of events in Syria as a response to the misleading media which is partner in shedding the Syrians’ blood by inciting violence and terrorism.

Murad said that the Syria media played an important role in exposing the falseness of channels infamous for their allegiance to the West, recalling an Arab League decision to block Syrian TV channels.

He added that the AL has turned into an institution run by the Gulf sheikhdoms that acts on outside dictates.

Dr. Qaissar Mustapha, an Algerian journalist, expressed confidence that Syria will emerge victorious thanks to the awareness of the Syrian people, their faith in the culture of resistance and support to the Syrian army, indicating that the ”fall of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt heralds the victory of moderate Islam that Syria represents.”

Damascus, (SANA – B. Mousa/M. Ismael) – 5/7/2013









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