President al-Assad meet an Algerian delegation

President Bashar al-Assad-aLGERIAN DELEGATION

“Confronting terrorism will continue”

President Bashar al-Assad said that the solidarity of the brotherly people of Algeria with the Syrian people confirms the depth of the Arab national awareness, and that ”the Arab national identity was and will remain the refuge and invincible fortress that saves our peoples and stability.”

President al-Assad’s remarks came during his meeting on Saturday with an Algerian popular delegation comprising political, academic and media figures, headed by Dr. Abdul-Majid Hamedi.

Talks during the meeting dealt with the developments in the Arab arena and the deep relations binding the two brotherly peoples of Syria and Algeria.
President al-Assad expressed Syria’s appreciation for the stances of the brave Algerian people, voicing confidence that the country of one million martyrs known for a long history of struggle against colonialism and confronting extremism and terrorism will continue, side by side with Syria and the honorable people of the Arab nation, to defend the Arab noble values and the dignity of the Arab peoples no matter what.

The delegation members hailed the Syrian people’s steadfastness in confronting foreign schemes that target Syria’s role in the region, affirming support to Syria for foiling these schemes.

They also expressed confidence in Syria’s victory over the forces of extremism and terrorism and their supporters, stressing that these forces, which are using religion for political objectives, will not deflect the Arab peoples from their just causes.








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