Death toll in Cairo over 50 ~ Pro-Morsi arrested with firearms


SANA – 8/7/2013 – (R. Milhem / Ghossoun) – Egyptian Health Ministry said Monday the death toll in violence outside the Cairo headquarters of the Republican guard stood at over 50 as 322 were wounded. 

An Egyptian officer was killed and a number of soldiers were injured, six of them are in a critical condition, during the attempt of an armed group to storm into the Republican guard headquarters.

With the continuous violence witnessed by the Egyptian arena, tens of thousands of protesters took to the Egyptian squares all over the country in support of the army and in rejection of the U.S. aid and policy backing Muslim Brotherhood Movement.

Al-Youm Al-Sabe website quoted the Egyptian Armed Forces statement as saying that an armed terrorist group attempted to storm into the Republican guard HQ and attacked security members and the civil police, martyring an officer and injuring some soldiers, six of them are in a critical condition.

The Egyptian armed forces arrested 200 people of Morsi supporters carrying a big amount of firearms, ammunition, white weapons and Molotov cocktail bombs in the Republican guard club, as search operations are being carried out to arrest the fleeing members of the armed groups that are believed to belong to the Muslim Brotherhood group.

In the meantime, tens of thousands of people gathered in squares form different provinces in Egypt in support of the army decisions of overthrowing Mohammad Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

This came in response to the demands of tens of millions of protesters who expressed anger over the U.S. President Barack Obama’s support to the Muslim Brotherhood group and his standing against the Egyptian popular will.


The protesters held signs showing Obama with a beard dressed in white in a reference to his support to the Muslim brotherhood with “Bye Bye Obama” slogan written on it.

Other protesters held many pictures of Obama writing on them “take the risk and stop supporting terrorism”. Other protesters carried pictures of Ann Peterson, the U.S. Ambassador to Egypt with the slogan “Go to your country”.

“CNN shame on you” slogan along with cartoons that slam the U.S. support to the Muslim Brotherhood Movement were raised by the protesters.


They directed a message to Obama saying ” keep your hands away from Egypt, stop to support the terrorists …we warn you of interfering in our internal affairs… Go with your aid to hell.”

The protesters also stood a minute of silence in respect of the martyrs’ souls and hoisted the Egyptian flag chanting the slogans ” The army and the people are one hand.”

They also called the Egyptian people to reject the U.S. aid and to be united in the face of what being hatched gainst them.








One thought on “Death toll in Cairo over 50 ~ Pro-Morsi arrested with firearms

  1. Les manifestants du parti “Freres mussulmans” qui ont marché en direction du quartel de la garde republicaine, ont été manipulé pour une bande terrorist, qui avait l ´intention de prendre d´ assault le local, e provoquer un bain de sang dans le deux cotés, et provoquer le commencement d´une guèrre civil.
    Qui est par derrière ces manisfestations?
    Qui pretend déctruire l ´Égipte, comme a détruit la Lybie, La Syrie, l ´Irak?
    C´ est le même plan, on pressione les gens a sortir à les rues, pour se manifester contre le gouvernement. Avec des commandos spécialles déguisés de civil, infiltrés, qui tire de coups de feu sur les deux cotés, la police et les manifestants…le plan c´ est enpire la situation au point de crér des conditions de haine pour le commencement d´une guèrre civil.
    Ceux qui ont attaqué la Lybie, l´Irak qui attaquent la Syrie, donnant des armes et appouie milittaire,, veut détruire aussi l ´Égipte., tout ça en bénefice d´ Israel et du sionnisme américan/Otan..

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