Mortar shells from “FSA/al-Nusra” hit Homs highway…Syrian Arab Army aborts terrorist scheme


 Mortar shells landed in the international route, which connects Damascus and Homs, while the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) thwarted an armed attack launched by terrorists gangs on the road that links Areeha to Jessr al-Shoghour, in Idlib countryside.

Members of armed terrorist militias fired several mortar shells on Damascus-Homs Highway, with few injuries among civilian population.

A correspondent from BNN (Breaking News Network) in the area pointed that shells had landed on the highway at Harasta city, which witnesses ongoing clashes between Syrian Arab Army and terrorist militants.

The Syrian Arab Army also aborted the plan of blocking Areeha–Jessr al-Shoghour road.

Syrian Arab Army forces have foiled the takfiri ‘jihadists’ scheme based on cutting off the international route that connects Areeha and Jessr al-Shoughour, causing the death of dozens of armed terrorists, including the leader of the gang, Ahmad Jarad.

Syrian Arab Army’s attack led to the killing of the leader of the so called “Battalion of the Men of God”, the wanted bandit Qassem al-Maari.






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