US seeks to turn Syria into base for Takfiri movements


FSA/al-Nusra/al-CIAda point of view of Ramadan

US seeks to turn Syria into base for Takfiri movements, Iran’ ambassador to Syria says

Tehran, 15/7/2013 – (SANA-M. Ismael) – Iran’s ambassador to Syria, Mohammad Riza Shibani warned that the US and its Western allies seek to turn Syria into a base for takfiri movements, which indicates “their wrongheaded assessment of the situation in the regional arena”.

In a statement to the Iranian News Agency on Monday, Shibani said that the populations of the region will not allow tampering with the interests of the Syrian people and the axis of resistance.

The enemies have ramped up economic pressure on the Syrian people, Shibani said, indicating that Iran supports the Syrian people and believes that political solution is the only way to solve the crisis.

”Iran is using its power to launch a comprehensive dialogue among different political forces inside and outside Syria as to reach a national pact that realizes the aspirations of the Syrian people,” the ambassador pointed out.

He indicated that the terrorists resorted to spreading lies to lift their flagging morale as the Syrian army is making progress on the ground.

”The infiltration of gunmen into the Syrian territories has been on since the onset of the crisis in the country, but the recent reports on sending large numbers of terrorists there are aimed at igniting media uproar to lift their morale,” Shibani affirmed.

He said that sending gunmen to Syria come in the context of waging a proxy war as forces are sent to battle the Syrian people and government, indicating that the armed groups “resorted to soliciting assistance from abroad after to their defeats at the hands of the Syrian army”.





One thought on “US seeks to turn Syria into base for Takfiri movements

  1. Yeah. The end game, as I see it, is to get Israel into a nutcracker, and then crush it. Washington won’t lift a finger. If Israel were less stupid, it would help Syria as much as it can within territorial limits – – Israel can live with a secular Syria, it cannot exist upon the same planet with mad dogs and radical islamists. If Israel is counting on the US to save it from its neighbors, its already finished.

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