Two citizens martyred, others injured by shells and bombs in Damascus and Hama



Two citizens were martyred Tuesday in an explosive device blast in al-Salamiyeh area in Hama.

An official source in the province told SANA reporter that the explosive device had been planted by terrorists on Tall Durra-al-Ramliyeh road. The source clarified that the explosion took place while a motorcycle was passing by, causing the immediate martyrdom of a woman and a man.

Two citizens injured by terrorists’ mortar shell in Damascus

Earlier, two citizens were injured by a mortar shell fired by terrorists and slammed into a house in Masaken Barzeh neighborhood in Damascus.

The shell fell near Rashad Qseibati Primary School in the neighborhood, injuring two citizens and causing huge damages to the surrounding houses and cars parked in that place, a source in the Police Command told SANA reporter.

Terrorists also fired a shell on al-Midan neighborhood in Damascus, hitting a house in the area and causing light injuries to a young girl and material damages.

On a relevant note, a citizen was injured by terrorists’ gunfire in Harasta area and was rushed to the hospital.


Four citizens injured in mortar shells in Jaramana in Damascus countryside

Four citizens were injured as terrorists launched mortar shells on Jaramana city in Damascus countryside.

A source at the Police Command told SANA reporter that three mortar shells fell on al-Turba neighborhood in Jaramana city, causing the injury of four citizens and material damage.

Ghossoun/H. Said / H. Sabbagh – SANA- 16/7/2013





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