Syrian national flag hoisted on Kilimanjaro



Syrian flag hoisted on Kilimanjaro…
…persistence key to reach ends…

Jul 17, 2013 – Dubai, (SANA-R. Milhem / H. Said) – The Syrian flag was hoisted on the highest mount in Africa for the first time after a long hiking trip of a Syrian among a group belonging to different nationalities.

Shadi al-Qadamani, a Syrian clerk working in Dubai, projected the difficulty of climbing Kilimanjaro Mountain to the complexity of the situation in Syria during the current crisis, considering that all obstacles could be solved by persistence and hardworking.

“I became prouder when I hoisted the most beautiful and precious flag in the world on the mount at the end of the trip,” said al-Qadamani, pointing out that the idea of climbing the highest mount in Africa came during a festivity held by the institution he works for with the aim of collecting money for displaced children in Tanzania.


“The main point of my participation is to hoist the Syrian flag, as I was the only Syrian person in the group which contains fifty people from different nationalities,” added al-Qadamani, who is 38 years old from Sweida province.

He described his experience as exciting and full of adventures saying, ” We set off from tropical forest and then we moved to a steppe area full of bushes…We, after that, passed a desert area at night, reaching the mount at dawn after six hours of nonstop walking…I mean my country’s flag was hoisted on 27th June of 2013 at the moment of reaching the top.”

The four-day trip started from 1920 meter high above sea level, reaching the highest point at 5895 meters. The participants walked for a distance of 50 km until they reached their end.





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