Americans & British Still Pawing for War in Syria?



Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the Obama administration is deliberating whether or not it should use the brute of the US military in Syria during a Thursday morning Senate hearing.

Gen. Dempsey said the administration was considering using “kinetic strikes” in Syria and said “issue is under deliberation inside of our agencies of government.”

Dempsey, 61, is the highest ranking officer in the US military and has been nominated by Pres. Obama to serve a second term in that role. The Senate Armed Services Committee questioned him Thursday morning as part of the nominating process when Dempsey briefly discussed the situation in Syria.

With regards to foreign intervention, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon said, “Providing arms to either side would not address this current situation.” Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) and his father, former congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) have also cautioned the White House against aiding Syrian rebels.

“You will be funding today the allies of al-Qaeda” by aiding Syrian rebels, Sen. Paul said in May.


The outgoing British Army Chief Sir David Richards warns that Britain could be dragged into the Syria war.

In an interview with the Sun, retiring General Sir David Richards, stepping down on Thursday as Chief of the Defence Staff, said that British forces could also be sent to the country to prevent chemical weapons falling into the wrong hands.

He told the paper: “The risk of terrorism is becoming more and more dominant in our strategic vision for what we might do in Syria.”


Source: CBS News by EretzZen





One thought on “Americans & British Still Pawing for War in Syria?

  1. ‘- – brute force of the American military?’ We could not possibly do Desert Storm again, and our combat forces are piecemealed out all over the world; a regiment here, a battalion there. I don’t see that we have a cohesive formation which could force a landing against a well trained and equipped, determined defender. Actually, that’s kind of a relief, given the way all of the Chicken Hawks in US and UK keep squawking for another war somewhere – – ANYWHERE – – but we really NEED another war. Damned fools.

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