Rallies in Paris and Cuba in support of Syria



Rallies in Paris and Cuba in support of Syria 

Jul 21, 2013 – A massive popular rally took place in Trocadero square in the French capital Paris to stress solidarity with the Syrian government, army and people in the face of the ongoing ferocious campaign targeting Syria for more than two years.

Members of the Syrian community and a crowd of Algerian, Tunisian and French nationals participated in the rally, which had been called for by the branch of the National Union of Syrian Students in France.

The participants raised the Syrian flags and chanted slogans stressing the unity of the Syrian people and hailing the sacrifices of the Syrian army in facing terrorism.

They expressed their full support to the reforms made by President Bashar al-Assad and rejection of any form of interference in Syria’s affairs, particularly the Western interference which aims to impose a new kind of colonialism through falsifying facts by using the Western media, especially the French one.

Syrian students in Cuba express solidarity with Syria

The Syrian students in Cuba reiterated solidarity with motherland Syria and support to their country in the face of the fierce campaign targeting it.

During a solidarity rally in the capital city of Cuba, Havana on Sunday, the students denounced as ”outrageous” the criminal acts of the foreign-backed armed terrorist groups.

The students in Cuba saluted the Syrian Arab army in its battle against terrorism, voicing confidence in Syria’s inevitable victory.



Syrian Agencies – B. Mousa/H. Said – 21/7/2013





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