US & Allies are funding some of the craziest terrorists on the planet



US intelligence official: Syria conflict could last for years

Deputy Director of the US Defense Intelligence Agency David Shedd has warned that the two-year-old conflict in Syria could last “many, many months to multiple years”. I think there will be ongoing civil war for years to come”, he told the Aspen Security Forum, which is sponsored by The New York Times.

Last month, the Obama administration announced a plan to provide weapons to the foreign-backed militants fighting in Syria.

Some American officials are pressing the White House to launch a military strike against Syria to end the conflict.

Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin urged Washington to bomb Syrian “airfields, airplanes and massed artillery”.

In an interview, American analyst Jim W. Dean said the United States and its Western allies are funding “some of the craziest terrorists on the planet” in Syria.

“They have been arming and supporting al-Qaeda and the extremist al-Nusra members against the Syrian people and they’ve got this tremendous carnage going on with huge loss of life by some of the craziest terrorists on the planet”, Dean, managing editor and columnist at the Veterans Today, said.

He also said that the Obama administration has remained silent when Qatar and Saudi Arabia supply military assistance to militants fighting against the Syrian government.

A majority of Americans believe it is not in the national interests of the US to send troops into Syria and also oppose arming militant groups in the conflict, a new poll conducted by Quinnipiac University showed.

Sixty-one percent of respondents said they were opposed to American involvement in Syria and 59 percent also said they were against arming the militants, according to the survey.


Syrian Breaking News Agencies





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