Dempsey: Military intervention in Syria would carry great risks



Jul 23, 2013 – Washington, (SANA-M. Nassr/ H. Said)US chief of staff general Martin Dempsey warned that a significant US military intervention in Syria would cost billions of dollars and could quickly escalate and would carry great risks.

In a message to the senators on Monday, Dempsey said that “Once we take action, we should be prepared for what comes next. Deeper involvement is hard to avoid”.

Dempsey viewed the available options and their costs, including training the “opposition”, carrying out limited air strikes, imposing no-fly zones or safe havens, saying that all these options could require wider intervention.

Gen Dempsey said that establishing a “no-fly zone” over Syria would cost USD 1bn a month and would risk the loss of US aircraft, obliging military operations to recover crew. He added that its impact on the conflict would be limited by the fact that Syria relies primarily on surface missiles and artillery rather than aerial attack.

He added that “The more limited option of setting up buffer zones within the country near the Turkish or Jordanian borders would still require thousands of US ground forces and cost more than $1bn a month”.






One thought on “Dempsey: Military intervention in Syria would carry great risks

  1. What General Dempsey did, in a polite way, was tell Obama, McCain and the other Chicken Hawks that they were insane. I expect he’ll get fired tomorrow.

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