Austria and Germany slam lifting arms embargo on 'Syrian opposition'



Vienna – (H. Zain/ Ghossoun-SANA) – Austrian Foreign Minister, Michael Spindelegger, criticized France and Britain’s calls for lifting EU embargo on sending arms to the Syrian opposition.

In an interview with Austrian Die Presse newspaper , Spindelegger expressed disappointment over the stances of his French and British counterparts towards the change of the EU rules and principles in dealing with the international crisis.

He stressed the necessity of carrying out a joint neutral European policy in tackling the crisis and the disputes in peaceful, diplomatic and political means, but not by sending weapons and destabilizing the countries .

For his part, German Foreign Minister, Guido Westerwelle, described the German and Austrian stances towards the crisis in Syria as “identical’ towards rejecting any military intervention or solution.

He told the Austrian newspaper that his country and Austria repeatedly stressed the necessity of reaching a political and diplomatic solution to the crisis in Syria.

He added that the military solution will not lead to realizing permanent peace.

In last May, the European Union lifted the ban on sending weapons to the fighters of the Syrian opposition under the pressures of London and Paris while 14 European countries opposed lifting the embargo, mainly Austria, Czech, Sweden, Finland and Romania.






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