Infidels, Enemies of Islam the Terrorists in Syria CHANGING the Holy Quran


In new ground breaking actions of true devil worshiping infidels, Terrorists from “Al-Nusra Front” it seems have decided to write their own version of the Holy Quran, as they have reportedly been distributing “modified” copies of the Holy Quran over the past several days, to residents living within areas under their control ..

Terrorists claim they are distributing “corrected” copies, as the current Quran has been subjected to distortion over the past decades ..

According to the sources, Terrorists have began introducing small amounts of their new versions, by placing red circles around some of the Quranic verses, and writing their “new corrections” on the side of the page ..

The amendments included a number of verses relating to “Jihad” and looting, in addition to some verses on a number of provisions and religious legitimacy.

This incident is the first of its kind in the Arab and Islamic worlds.





One thought on “Infidels, Enemies of Islam the Terrorists in Syria CHANGING the Holy Quran

  1. What a Evil terrorists that corrected the holy Qur’an! these terrorists are insane in correcting the holy book of God. The only One who can correct the holy Qur’an is No Other Than The Sender and That is God. No other prophet will come as the LAST Prophet(pbuh) already come. what i pitiful people that are going to Hell Fire together with their masters Evil Zionists.

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