Saudi Arabia responsible for Syria bloodshed: Political Analyst – A look at a popular Saudi Cleric Fayhan Al-Ghamdi, and his confessed murder of his own 5 year old daughter Lama because he "doubted her virginity."



Remembering, Saudi Arabia is one of the LEAST “Democratic” Countries IN THE WORLD, let alone in the Arab world, treating females as less than second class citizens, going so far as murdering them with little or no punishment.

Looking at JUST ONE of Saudi Arabia’s POPULAR Islamic Clerics Fayhan al-Ghamdi…

Who THIS YEAR, raped and tortured his 5 year old daughter Lama to death, and was sentenced a “Blood Money” fine of 200,000 riyals ($50,000 US) only.

Reports indicate the father had “doubted his five-year old virginity.”

Fayhan al-Ghamdi, the victims father and a popular Islamic preacher who has made numerous television appearances promoting Islam, confessed to the heinous crime.

Ghamdi told Saudi officials he used cables and a cane on his five-year-old daughter, leaving her with multiple injuries, including a crushed skull, broken ribs and left arm, extensive bruising and burns. In addition, one of Lama’s fingernails had been torn off. Hospital staff reports the child’s rectum had been torn open and the abuser had attempted to burn it closed.

Fayhan al-Ghamdis daughter Lama

Lama al-Ghamdi died last October. The amount her father was fined for the brutal rape, torture and murder, would have been doubled if Lama had been male.

In Saudi Arabia, Islamic law is interpreted to be that a father cannot be executed for murdering his children, nor can husbands be executed for murdering their wives.

Human Rights activists point out that judicial leniency towards male abusers and murderers reflects the highly problematic nature of the male guardianship system in Saudi Arabia.

Currently all women in Saudi Arabia are considered minors, and all are automatically assigned to the care and judgment of their most immediate male relative. This system of male guardianship gives the male relatives the power to sell girls legally into child marriages and to ban adult women from work, travel and obtaining medical operations.

Saudi Arabia, being the BARBARIC Culture it is, living in TWENTY-FIRST Century, yet BEHAVING as though it is the FIFTEENTH Century, SHOULD be the Country CONDEMNED in ALL THE WORLD, BY ALL THE WORLD.

It is amazing to see the souls of those who can be bought with the “ALMIGHTY Petro Dollar!”


khashayar terrorists

“Therefore, Saudi Arabia, with its intransigent stance and its continued support for terrorist and extremist groups in Syria is putting the world´s stability and the future of Syria at risk. Saudi arms are already in the hands of al-Qaeda-linked groups and they are committing massacres and all kind of crimes in Syria with them. There is also a danger that these weapons will be used by these groups in other parts of the world, including Western countries, to carry out terrorist attacks there.”

Damascus has recently lashed out at the Saudi regime, accusing the kingdom of backing “terrorists” after Riyadh condemned Syria for accepting fighters from Hezbollah in its struggle againtst foreign-backed terrorists.
Syria has denounced that Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which work closely with the United States and its European allies, are responsible for the conflict and the ongoing bloodshed in its territory.

The remarks by Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi came after Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal met with US Secretary of State John Kerry in Jeddah. Prince Saud al-Faisal spoke of “a foreign invasion” in Syria forgetting that his country has been financing and arming thousands of al-Qaeda-linked terrorists from all over the world and encouraging them to go to fight in Syria.

According to the observers…

Saudi Arabia’s real objective is to eliminate Bashar al-Assad´s government because it is an Iran´s ally and to replace it with a pro-Saudi extremist government. This would also allow Riyadh to increase its pressure on the Shia-led Iraqi government and to embolden pro-Saudi and pro-West forces in Lebanon against Hezbollah.

The recent election of Ahmad Jarba as president of the foreign-backed Syrian National Coalition has reinforced the influence of Saudi Arabia over the perpetually divided opposition body and dealt a severe blow to Qatari leadership. Jarba, a tribal leader from the eastern Syrian province of Hasaka, has strong Saudi connections. He took the post from businessman Mustafa Sabbagh, a Qatar-backed figure. According to McClatchy News, Jarba is “in close touch with senior members of the Saudi intelligence services,” a euphemism to say he a Saudi agent. Sabbagh, for his part, said that “the Syrian dossier is now in the hands of Saudi Arabia.”

Jarba has stated publicly his rejection to peace talks with the Assad government, thereby perpetuating the cycle of violence, which benefits the Saudi regime and costs more innocent Syrian lives. Jarba has said that “the participation in the Geneva 2 conference in these circumstances is impossible.” Political observers who have been following events in Syria for some time understand that these “circumstances” are the continued military defeats of the foreign-backed terrorists by the forces of the Assad government.

It is this desperate need for victories by the militants that is driving Riyadh to become even more involved in fomenting the war. Using Jarba as their proxy, the Saudi government has launched a new and even deadlier phase of the war against Syria. In his first two days as head of the coalition, Jarba announced that the militants would soon receive “new shipments of sophisticated weapons from Saudi Arabia.”

For his part, Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al Faisal has rejected any negotiated settlement and he has made it clear that Saudi Arabia only wants a scenario of total regime collapse and a subsequent solution in which pro-Saudi elements would occupy a dominant position in the new power structure in Syria. Consequently, Saudi Arabia is doing its best to sabotage the Geneva-2 conference.

The conference, which was agreed by US Secretary of State John Kerry and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov last year, was intended to take place last May but it has been repeatedly postponed and its holding is now in doubt, largely because the West and Persian Gulf monarchies´ favorite clients, the Free Syrian Army and the Syrian National Coalition, refuse to participate in it because they are currently losing.

Europe ignored Bandar´s request

However, most governments in the world do not support the Saudi position and do not want an extremist al-Qaeda-linked or a Taleban-style regime in Syria, which would be a serious threat for the whole world and especially for Europe. Significantly, a recent European tour of the head of Saudi intelligent service, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, meant a great setback for Saudi Arabia and him personally. He tried to convince European countries to increase military aid to the Syrian opposition, but all these countries were unanimous in rejecting this request. Recently, two French MPs called on French President, François Hollande, to start to use reason in the treatment of the Syrian crisis and to refuse to supply arms to the opposition.

“The masks have fallen and the true face of certain figures in the Syrian opposition have appeared. Even if opposition includes some democratic currents, most remaining currents are extremist,” wrote Jacques Mayar and Alain Marsaud in this statements. “Any provision of weapons to this opposition would cause more chaos, not only in Syria, but throughout the Middle East.”

Bandar, who was the Saudi ambassador to the US for many years, is Washington´s strong man in the kingdom. Its mission, internally, is to protect the process of the transfer of the power from the first generation of princes to the second one. Externally, his task is to implement an agenda aimed at destroying or weakening the axis of the resistance, a goal which is widely shared by the US. He is also closely linked to the CIA and US decision centers and institutions.

According to reports, Bandar visited Washington few week ago and he met senior officials of the CIA and the White House there. He would also have held a secret meeting with President Barack Obama. The latter would have agreed to a Saudi request to entrust the kingdom the exclusive management of the Lebanese and Syrian cases, provided that Bandar assumes the responsibility.

Therefore, the US government is allowing its Saudi ally to keep on sending international terrorists to Syria, including hundreds of Western militants who receive a combat training in the Arab country and will be able later to put into practice their skills and knowledge in their own countries when they return there.

Renowned Middle East journalist Robert Fisk has stated ironically that the Obama administration “is claiming that they want a democracy in Syria. But Qatar is an autocracy and Saudi Arabia is among the most pernicious dictatorships in the Arab world. Rulers of both states inherit power from their families and Saudi Arabia is an ally of the Salafist-Wahabi rebels in Syria, just as it was the most fervent supporter of the medieval Taliban during Afghanistan´s dark ages.”

Saudi role against Hezbollah

The destabilizing role of the Saudi regime is not limited to Syria but it can be seen in Lebanon as well. Some Lebanese media has blamed Saudi Arabia for the recent bombing of Bir al-Abed, in the Suburb of Southern Beirut, on July 9. According to Lebanese sources, the attack was the work of a professional intelligence service and not of a terrorist group. These same sources suggest a role for Bandar bin Sultan in the execution of a plan to weaken and pressure Hezbollah for its role in the Syria fighting. 

The above-mentioned Lebanese sources point out that the battle of Al Qussair meant a dramatic turning point in the Syrian conflict as well as a total defeat for foreign-backed militants and the weakening of the Saudi role in the region and Saudi Arabia understand this. The project assigned to the Saudi regime to eliminate the axis of resistance has been sabotaged by Hezbollah´s role alongside the Syrian Arab Army. 

Therefore, Saudi Arabia, with its intransigent stance and its continued support for terrorist and extremist groups in Syria is putting the world´s stability and the future of Syria at risk. Saudi arms are already in the hands of al-Qaeda-linked groups and they are committing massacres and all kind of crimes in Syria with them. There is also a danger that these weapons will be used by these groups in other parts of the world, including Western countries, to carry out terrorist attacks there.

In this video, PressTV interviews Lawrence Freeman, an analyst on Saudi’s role, along with Britain’s, in the conflict in Syria

Uploaded by Press TV

To further prove Saudi’s role in the conflict, Saudi released over 1200 prisoners who were to be beheaded, to fight in Syria.

Saudi Arabia Sent Death Row Inmates to Fight in Syria in Lieu of Execution

(AINA) — A top secret memo sent by the Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia reveals the Saudi Kingdom sent death-row inmates, sentenced to execution by decapitation, to Syria to fight Jihad against the Syrian government in exchange for commuting their sentences.

According to the memo, dated April 17, 2012, the Saudi Kingdom negotiated with a total of 1239 inmates, offering them a full pardon and a monthly salary for their families, who were to remain in the Kingdom, in exchange for “…their training in order to send them to Jihad in Syria.”

The memo was signed by Abdullah bin Ali al-Rmezan, the “Director of follow up in Ministry of Interior.”

According to the memo, prisoners were of the following nationalities: Yemenis, Palestinians, Saudis, Sudanese, Syrians, Jordanians, Somalis, Afghanis, Egyptians, Pakistanis, Iraqis, and Kuwaitis.

There were 23 Iraqi prisoners.

A former member of the Iraqi parliament, who spoke to AINA on condition of anonymity, confirmed the authenticity of the document and said most of the Iraqi prisoners Saudi Arabia sent to Syria returned to Iraq and admitted that they had agreed to the deal offered by the Saudi Kingdom, and requested the Iraqi government to petition the Saudi government to release their families, who were being held hostage in Saudi Arabia.

Yemeni nationals who were sent to Syria also returned to Yemen and asked their government to secure the release of their families, according to the former Iraqi MP, who said there are many more documents, like the one shown below, about Iraq, Libya and Syria.

Initially Saudi Arabia denied the existence of this program. But the testimony of the released prisoners forced the Saudi government to admit, in private circles, its existence.

According to the former Iraqi MP, the Russians threatened to bring this issue to the United Nations if the Saudis continued working against President Bashar al-Assad. The Saudis agreed to stop their clandestine activities and work towards finding a political solution on condition that knowledge of this program would not be made public. Did Saudi stop? In one word, “NO.”

Here is the original memo in Arabic:

saudi inmates decree memo

Here is the translation of the memo for AINA by Dr. Samir Johna

This is a document issued by
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ministry of Interior
LOGO Number: 71466/J/H
Date: 25/5/1433 H. [April /17/2012 AD]
(Top Secret)
His Excellency General Suood Al-Thnayyan
The Classified [Secret] Office at the Ministry of Interior
May Allah protect him
Peace be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings
In reference to the Royal Court telegram No. 112, dated on 04/19/1433 H [March 3, 2012], referring to those held in the Kingdom jails accused with crimes to which Islamic Sharia law of execution by sword [decapitation] applies, we inform you that we are in dialogue with the accused criminals who have been convicted with smuggling drugs, murder, rape, from the following nationalities: 110 Yemenis, 21 Palestinians, 212 Saudis, 96 Sudanese, 254 Syrians, 82 Jordanians, 68 Somalis, 32 Afghanis, 94 Egyptians, 203 Pakistanis, 23 Iraqis, and 44 Kuwaitis.We have reached an agreement with them that they will be exempted from the death sentence and given a monthly salary to their families and loved ones, who will be prevented from traveling outside Saudi Arabia in return for rehabilitation of the accused and their training in order to send them to Jihad in Syria.Please accept my greetings.

Director of follow up in Ministry of Interior
Abdullah bin Ali al-Rmezan

Authority of enforcement of the common good and prevention of forbidden
Copy for general intelligence





2 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia responsible for Syria bloodshed: Political Analyst – A look at a popular Saudi Cleric Fayhan Al-Ghamdi, and his confessed murder of his own 5 year old daughter Lama because he "doubted her virginity."

  1. Thank you for this posting this painful but critically important facts. Several points: 1. Saudi Arabia made its greatest mistake by funding and dispatching thousands of Wahhabi fanatics to Syria. This is because judging from their fondness for gruesome sadistic acts, and shouts of Allaku Akabar; and by videotaping their own crimes and posting online—it became plainly clear Western imperialists- and Western media in particular cannot defend Jihadistic war on Syria. Second, unlike other countries the U.S. selected for deliberate chaos and creative destruction, Syria has strong army, strong leadership, highly educated population and strong allies. Syria’s indigenous media has been nothing short of brilliant counterstrike against Al Jazeera! I am improving my knowledge of Syria in general and the actual condition on the ground from Syria media. Third, Wahhbism is fast spreading in the West and the organ eaters are recruiting young disaffected youth for adventure of jihad. However, in the battlefield of war in Syria, when faced with the brave SAA, the young Jihads discover in Syria Jihad means death and injury- only when it’s too late for them to back away!
    2. After the Syrian Arab Army secures total victory, the remaining Jihadists will return to their home countries in the West and elsewhere. However, these hardened criminal Jihadists will not change their criminal ways. Instead, they will find a new cause in order to continue with their sordid way of life. Here is where the West will pay dearly for training and arming terrorists and sending them to Syria for the sole purpose of committing criminal acts.

    • Western countries’ politician puppets and their masters are more vicious than we can immagine…they will search and find the way to do more damage to the entire planet: the Zionist project will not stop, and this fighting will go on until the end of the times…

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