Civilians injured as terrorists missiles hit the southern entrance of Homs


Civilians injured as terrorists missiles hit the southern entrance of Homs

An official source in Homs city said that “the southern entrance of Homs city has been targeted by militants who fired missiles today, what caused massive explosions led to the injuries among civilians.

The source said “missiles have been launched by terrorists at the outskirts of the residential neighborhood of Wad al-Dahab, what resulted in massive blasts which injured 16 citizens and caused heavy material damage to the residential buildings and to vehicles”.

Syrian Army carries out a series of operations in the villages and the towns of al-Gouta al-Sharqia

Several qualitative operations have been carried out by Syrian Army against gatherings of “Free Army” militia in al-Gouta al-Sharqia, the thing that resulted in the killing and the injury of dozens of militants in the town of Deir-Salman; also a headquarters has been destroyed with all the weapons and ammunition in it in al-Mleiha town.

Breaking News Network correspondent added that units of Syrian Army destroyed weapons and ammunitions for militants in Erbeen town and Harasta city where the army injured and killed many among whom Muhamad Abd al-Fattah and Adham Khatab,

Another unit of Syrian Army targeted a leader of armed militia in al-Alia farms in Duma area, Rami al-Attar, besides a number of his militants.

In al-Diabiah town, an armed group of “Ahfad al-Rasool battalion” has been targeted by Syrian Army; the militia is reported to sustain heavy casualties.


Syrian Breaking News Exclusive





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