Political Analists about U.S. Embassies Shutdown in M.East area & 200 Kurds Kidnaped in Syria: declaration by dr. Alan Semo, Democratic Kurd Union Party




Political Analists about U.S. Embassies Shutdown in East area & 200 Kurds Kidnaped in Syria: declaration by dr. Alan Semo, (min. 3:30) Democratic Kurd Union Party


Thanks to Russia Today TV – August 4, 2013







3 thoughts on “Political Analists about U.S. Embassies Shutdown in M.East area & 200 Kurds Kidnaped in Syria: declaration by dr. Alan Semo, Democratic Kurd Union Party

  1. If I might suggest: The closing of the embassies is, in my opinion, a very transparent attempt to justify NSA and it shenanigans; while it’s true that there is no safe place anywhere upon the planet, I don’t believe for a minute that the NSA dragnet has suddenly begun to actually work. Whole cloth.

    I’m really sorry that the thugs have resorted to kidnapping and car bombings, etc. I do agree with the commentator who says that he thinks those activities are a reflection of the desperation of failure. Al Nsra Front. All they’re doing is generating more contempt and determination to resist; apparently the AN leadership is too stupid to understand that you don’t mess with the Kurds.

  2. This security alert to some U.S. embassies in the ME is transparent and dubious partially because it had been announced with a time so that we know apriori when the threat begins and when it ends! There is lies some critical clues that this is not an external terror threat but a PR spin. First thing I have noted when I read news report of this terror alert is the bizarrely neat timetable! There is no logic to this. I ask how it is possible that the U.S. security people knew apriori when the terror will begin and when it will end?

  3. As the Syrian Arab Army wins victory after victory against terrorists and that the Western and Gulf State sponsored expected sectarian conflict failed to materialize in Syria, Al Nusra Front and Taliban mountain fighters have unleashed massacres against Syrian civilian population. The latest such massacres took place in the Northern Aleppo in the town of Tal Albyad. Reports indicate more than 120 children and 333 men and women had been massacred by Al Nustra terrorists. I read reports of this massacre in the internet from Western sources 12 hours before it was reported in the Syrian media. One clue to this early knowledge of the massacre by Western media is that western journalists- often called “activists”- are embedded with terrorist groups in Syria such as the Al Nusra Front.

    Now, I do not know the real reason behind for this terroralert. What is apparent to me is that massacring women and children is the only option open to the Western sponsored terrorists in Syria because they are losing the battlefield to the Syrian Arab Army. Nazi troops did the same thing in WWII in places such as Ukraine- and most tragically, in Belarus. In WWII, as German troops faced defeat after defeat in the hands of Red Army, they turned their guns onto the civilian population. Today, the Syrian Arab Army is the greatest Army in the world since the CCCP’s the Red Army. As a result, the West and Gulf States are in state of shock because of the power, heroism and courage of the Syrian Arab Army. Thus, massacring civilians and video typing these war crimes-something Nazi troops also did- is, what Al Nusra and other terrorists are doing in Syria as service rendered to those who are pay for these crimes.

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