Syrian people facing vicious war, defending their independence and dignity


Salehi: “Syrian people facing vicious war, defending their independence and dignity”

– Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi asserted that the Syrian people are facing a vicious war in the face of which they are standing fast, rallying around their elected leadership in defense of their independence, freedom and dignity and in defense of resistance.

In a speech on Sunday, Salehi said that the west’s support for armed terrorist groups and cannibals in Syria proves that Iran’s policy regarding the war on Syria is right, noting that since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, Iran said that President Bashar al-Assad will remain in power until the end of his presidential term, as Iran knows more facts than others.

He added that if President al-Assad runs for elections in 2014, he will win them due to the great love the Syrian people have for him.

Salehi said that Iran came under attack from regional and international sides and even some “naïve” sides inside Iran due to its position regarding Syria, and now the world can see that Iran’s position was correct.

He also voiced optimism regarding the Iranian nuclear issue, saying that it will be resolved soon.

Salehi also voiced concern over the situation in Egypt, hoping that Egyptians will resolve their issues through dialogue and understanding, asserting Iran’s opposition to interference in other countries’ internal affairs.

Tehran, August 12, 2013 – SANA (H. Sabbagh)






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