Al Nusra Front of terrorists, the shame of all muslims, are running the "holy" prostitution racket




Al Nusra Front, the shame of all muslims, is running the “holy” prostitution racket.

Mujahidat uncover the scandals of radical Islamist groups “Al Nusra and Al Qaeda”

Syrian State TV broadcasted on Sunday evening, August 11, a documentary titled “Sharia against Islamic law – Jihad Marriage”. The film presented the testimonies of a group of “Mujahidat” women, who participated in the “Jihad Marriage”, which its fatwa was ascribed to the Saudi Sheikh, Mohamed al-Areefi.



The terrorist Sara Khalid al-Alaou, the Emir of “al-Nusra Front” in al-Bukamal and a leader in “Saraya al-Tawhid” said: I joined Al Qaeda organization, when I was at the tenth grade in High school and had been taught religious lessons in al-Iman mosque in the city of al-Bukamal by a Sheikh called Abu Mohammed, who used to come and teach us special religious lessons related to Al Qaeda and had given us a fatwa that we must have sex with any person of Al Qaeda under the fatwa of “Jihad Marriage”, and he had always proved his beliefs with Quran verses and distorted Hadiths of prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

Al-Alaou added that she had operated with “al-Sahaba Battalion” in the Levant; she also transferred weapons, money and car bombs. Sara used to have sex “Marriage Jihad” with members of “al-Nusra Front”, or members  funding the group; there were “Mujahideen” of several nationalities, including French, Turkish, Saudis, Qataris, Libyans and others.


Fatima Ahmad al-Faroukh had spoken about her experience in “Jihad Marriage” and stated that her husband, Khalid Hussein al-Baida who is a member in “Saif al-Islam battalion and Sukour al-Sham brigade” had taken her to one of the elders “Sheikhs”, who in his part made her marry many of the “Mujahideen”.

Feryal Abdul Rahim, married and a mother of three, said that she met someone called Abu Diab in the town of al-Sbeneh; Abu Diad is the leader of “Osoud al-Tawhid Battalion” and that she had married him secretly. After that Abu Diab had introduced her to “Jihad Marriage” and she had sex under this pretext with many of the militants of his group.


The terrorist Mustafa Nidal Tafash, deputy commander of “al-Farouk Battalion and al-Tawhid brigade” leader in Jessr al-Shughour. He spoke about a person named Sheikh Hussein; this Sheikh permitted the “Incest or Jihad of incest”, that whenever he says the phrase “God is greater” (Allah Akbar) three times upon any brother and sister, this  accordingly allows them to marry each other immediately. All the “Mujahideen” used the same method as for any woman, after that they own her; this includes any house, car and other item. There are many sheikhs reported to allow this fatwa in order to get whatever they want.


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3 thoughts on “Al Nusra Front of terrorists, the shame of all muslims, are running the "holy" prostitution racket

  1. Spread this information far and wide. Information such as this doc is very important in exposing the real agenda of the petro dollar war on Syria.

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