Clashes between foreign backed mercenaries and Syrian Army is resolved with hundreds of terrorists eliminated


Militants’ clashes continued in the eastern area, as army targeted their gatherings in more than one point in Deir Ezzor and Raqqa; Syrian Arab Army forces also continued striking militant-headquarters in Darya.


Clashes between armed groups in the eastern area

Syrian Arab Army units clashed with an armed group in al-Hweiqa neighborhood in Deir Ezzor, what resulted in the killing of scores of gunmen and the injury of others including Fawzi Hujaij al-Swadi of al-Nusra, Ali Hami al-Jader, Abdullah Ali Jader, Mahmoud Ali al-Hasan, Ahmad Ali al-Hasan, Fadel Meslim al-Hamada and Fayez Saleh al-Salem of the so-called Liwaa al-Islam.



A unit of the armed forces clashed with gunmen in al-Sina’a district and killed many, among the killed militants were Ramadan Hussein al-Awa and Khalid al-Maddad of the so-called Liwaa Osoud al-Jazeera and al-Furat battalion.

In the meantime, Syrian army’s artillery targeted several gatherings of insurgents in 6 ella rebie and al-Kamal hospital, what resulted in the destruction of ammunition depot.

In the same context, the army units reportedly targeted militants in al-Tabqa area in the city of Raqqa and news indicated many injuries in the militia ranks.



Two armed groups fought each other in al-Rasasa farm of al-Tabqa, both sides inflicted casualties among each other.

Battles continued between the YPG and armed groups in each of al-Yussefia, Mazloum, Karhouk, Ali Agha and al-Qutania villages what resulted in many injuries in the ranks of the armed groups and YPG’s.



A field hospital and arms depot seized in Damascus countryside

Syrian Arab Army units detected large quantities of arms and munitions in Darya area in Damascus countryside inside one of the depots of insurgents including RPG shells, PKC machineguns and rifles.

Meanwhile, units of the armed forces discovered a field hospital that contains large quantity of medicines.

Simultaneous clashes reported between the army and gunmen in the very area; the army managed to kill many gunmen including Khalid Knazrieh while another number were injured, Abu Omar al-Hanash, the leader of an amrd group was identified among the wounded.


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