al-Qaeda affiliated in Syria executes two children on charges of being patriots


al-Qaeda affiliated in Syria executes two children on charges of being patriots

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) organization executes two children of Nuble and al-Zahraa towns of Aleppo countryside.

Activists have emerged a video online shows two hand-cuffed, blind-folded children standing behind them a fighter of a takfiri organization.

The video has been removed from Youtube, but has been reloaded here:
Download it and spread before is removed again.

A masked fighter said that two children have been kidnaped of two pro-government towns and they should be killed.

The fighters opened fire on both children and killed them.






4 thoughts on “al-Qaeda affiliated in Syria executes two children on charges of being patriots

  1. The U.S. is economically and morally bankrupt. So, technically the U.S. is not financing the war on Syria. Of course, the U.S. can print money and give it to leaders of terrorists-which is happening but the value of the U.S. depends on the petrol of the ME. In that send, current war on Syria has been paid with the Qatari and Saudi petro dollar. I am certain that the Western media will not circulate this and similar horrific stories because it will undermine Western support for Al Qaida in Syria. Therefore, it is the moral duty of all these who care about Syria and the humanity to spread the truth of the ugly the crimes against life, liberty and humanity which are taking place inside Syria. Nazi troops did the same things to the children in occupied parts of the Soviet Union. This was pathetic attempt to deter the population from resisting the Nazi occupation. It did not work. Similarly, images like this will make the Syrian people come closer with each other and fight harder for the total victory against the globalized petro dollar conspiracy against their homeland and people, culture and values. Long Live Syria. God Bless the Syrian Arab Army.

  2. It is the duty of all well meaning people to show the world the ugly crimes petro dollar Al Qaida terrorists are committing against people of Syria. It is equallty important to show the world that these terrorists will be defeated because Syria has the strongest army in the ME. Many believes Saudi Arabia’s failure in Syria means that it has turned its attention on Iraq and Egypt.

  3. It seems the Yankees, the British, Zaionists and the Saudi Wahabists are working in hand in hand without any respect to the human life. I am not agree with Mr. Asad, however, there shouldn’t be any mercy for the barbarians who do these heinous crimes. Every liberal man and woman should support the all-out war to protect the secular values of Syria!

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