"You Murderers, You are the Dissidents of this Time", by Sheikh Maher Hammoud

Sheikh Maher Hammoud

“You Murderers, You are the Dissidents of this Time”

by Sheikh Maher Hammoud

The US scheme has temporarily triumphed, from the Southern Suburb of Beirut to Rabia Al-Adawiyah square… I don’t mean that an explosion with limited losses and destruction is the US scheme’s victory, but I mean that the concept which this explosion embraces is the US’s temporal victory. When a group, with a very small number of members, claims it is related to the Mother of Believers, Aisha, and kills innocents without any religious or moral restraint, here lies the tragedy, especially if we consider that such vicious explosions are part of daily criminal explosions taking place in Iraq on repulsive sectarian backgrounds.

We are certain that the goal behind this vicious explosion was not achieved. The people in the Southern Suburb came out after July 2006 war, and after the massive destruction and the large number of martyrs, and said in one voice, we sacrifice our children, houses, wealth, and everything we have for the resistance, its leader, its heroes, and goals… We are certain that supporters of the resistance will say the same words today, and will take the same stance; but the tragedy is in the sectarian background behind the explosion.

We say with a mouthful that the side, which put the explosion or planned it or funded it, is part of an Israeli-American scheme, no matter who this side was, or what name or identity it carried. If those really belong to a sectarian side which claims it defends the Sunnis, we tell them: You are the dissidents of this time, you are the dogs of the people of Hell (worst human creatures) as mentioned in the Hadith. You are not Sunni, you neither belong to Abu Bakr, Omar, and Othman, nor to the Shafi’i, Abu Hanifa, Malek, and Ibn Hanbal. You also don’t belong to Ibn Taymiyyah who personally fought the Tatars, and argued dissenters with knowledge and evidence rather than random killing. Reconsider what you are, and you will surely see that the doctrine, heritage, and history of the Sunnis could never give you the alleged evidence to your immoral acts.

We say with a mouthful to the fanatics and retarded everywhere… Today the Sunnis are not Sunnis, and the Shiites are not Shiites: In the Islamic history, there wasn’t any Shiite political experience which carried the concerns of the nation and the slogans of Islam: Palestine, nations’ unity, confronting arrogance, etc… The Shiites’ political experiences in the past where only to preserve their significant existence and their special slogans in the wide field of Islam.

Similarly, there has never been in the history of Islam a group which claimed representing Muslims, while resorting to a major foreign enemy like the US, to form an alleged Islamic rule, or making peace with the US and enmity with other Muslims to achieve its alleged Islamic goals. These are not Sunnis by the historical, juristic meaning of the word, and those are not Shiites by the historical, traditional meaning of the word.

God willing, in the near future, politics and resistance, which “Shiites” adopt today (we mean the resistance and its axis), should be merged with the Sunni doctrine and history, so that this merging would form an essential precondition and introduction for the vanishing of Israel.


Original Arabic on Al-Akhbar newspaper






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