Mass grave discovered in Lattakia countryside


Mass grave discovered in Lattakia countryside

Aug 21, 2013 – Lattakia – An official source announced that army units discovered a mass grave containing bodies of citizens who were killed by terrorists in the northern countryside of Lattakia.

The source added that the army units discovered the mass grave, which contained charred and decomposed bodies, in the villages to which the army restored security and stability.

The source told SANA that some of the bodies have been identified by the victims’ families while others were not identified as their bodies were too charred.


Coroner Ali Ali, who examined the bodies found in the mass grave, said the bodies are of men, women and children in a state of decomposition, and that their features are completely gone.

Ali told the Syrian TV that the causes of death were varied, as some of the victims were stabbed with sharp objects, while others had their throat slit, and some were shot to death.

Earlier, armed terrorist groups infiltrated a number of villages in the northern countryside of Lattakia and committed massacres against the citizens.



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