Syrian Foreign Minister: Israel became player in the war against Syria

Syrian Foreign Minister: Israel became player in the war against Syria

Damascus, Aug 21, 2013 – (SANA-F.Allafi/Mazen) – Deputy Premier, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem considered that the Israeli interest in the events in Syria and the region became clear as the statements of the Israeli officials, that they would not allow the resistance to win, lead to this fact.

“Israel is satisfied over the escalation of terrorism in the region, destruction of infrastructure, exhausting the economies, Arab armies, particularly in Syria, Iraq and Egypt… it is happy over the destruction in the region,” the Minister said at a political review at the Foreign Ministry, in the presence of Syrian journalists, political analysts and Minister of Information Omran al-Zoubi.

He referred to a clear relation between the events in the Arab region in the nature of conflict, the identity of the conflicting powers among national, pan-Arab powers which work through an independent national decision and those terrorist extremist powers who move through the support of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, the US and Israel.

“The scale of field and political accounts tends to the interest of national powers and the resistance with a change in the political overview in Egypt and the severe blow that the extremist Islamist movement, led by Turkey, received by the collapse of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.” Minister al-Moallem said.

He added that the Saudi regime seeks to inflame the situation and obstructs the convening of Geneva conference as it is the case with the US stance which disavows its understanding with the Russian side.

“Any political analysis to the ongoing events in Syria should start from observing the Israeli stance which intervened, as a main player, in the field when it raided and attacked three Syrian sites and received wounded terrorist in its hospitals,” the Minister went on to say.

He referred to the harmony between the Israeli stance and that of the opposition abroad who welcomed the Israeli decision to allow arming the terrorist groups in Syria.

“The basis of the Syrian national stance is the independent decision… what distinguishes the Syrian policy is that it is independent and stems from the national interest,” Deputy Prime Minister said.

On the US stance, the Minister underlined that the US wants the continuation of terrorism and violence in Syria as long as this comes in the interest of the Israeli interest, so it postpones the Russian efforts to hold Geneva conference and this stance meets with the Gulf stance, particularly the Saudi one.

Al-Moallem considered the U.S.-Saudi stance as “directly influencing the opposition abroad which is presenting preconditions and does not adopt a clear  stance on the participation in Geneva conference.”

Al-Moallem said that what is happening in Egypt is an important factor in the Syrian developments as Egyptians are protesting against the Muslim Brotherhood movement  after they considered it as a terrorist movement, adding that the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt embarrasses the Turkish government of Erdogan.


Concerning the situation in Iraq, al-Moallem said that the Iraqis are facing what the Syrians have been facing and they are exerting all efforts to combat terrorism on their territories.

Regarding the situation in Lebanon, the Foreign Minister said that there is a movement that offers weapons and support to the armed terrorist groups and another movement that did not hesitate to courageously support the stance of the Syrian state.

He pointed out that the enemies of Syria are now preparing the Jordanian front as an alternative to Turkey through the flow of gunmen and weapons across the Jordanian borders, in addition to the entry of the head of the “Doha Coalition” to the Syrian territories from Jordan.

Al-Moallem pointed out that EU countries are exerting attempts to communicate with Syria and there are also attempts to come back to Syria by some European countries through humanitarian organizations; however, Syria rejects these attempts.







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