Two phone calls affirm the use of chemical weapons in Homs by terrorists


Two phone calls affirm the use of chemical weapons in Homs by terrorists

Aug 22, 2013 – Damascus – A phone call between a terrorist affiliated to the so-called “Shuhada al-Bayada Battalion” in Homs and his boss who was called Adulbasit from Saudi Arabia uncovered that terrorists used the chemical weapons in Deir Ballba in Homs countryside.

During a phone call broadcast on the Syrian TV Channel, the terrorist said that his group which comprises 200 terrorists escaped from al-Bayadah to al-Daar al-Kabera through a tunnel, adding that they needed to buy weapons to attack the City of Homs.

The Saudi financier who was present in Cairo asked the Syrian terrorists about details on his group and the way they will receive the money, admitting his support to terrorists in Daraa and Damascus Countryside, in turn the Syria terrorist told him that one of the achievements of his “Battalion” was the use of chemical weapons in Deir Ballba.

In the same context, another phone call reveled the cooperation between tow terrorist groups to bring two bottles of Sarin Gas from Barzeh neighborhood in Damascus.






One thought on “Two phone calls affirm the use of chemical weapons in Homs by terrorists

  1. Yesterday, the leading voice of the Western imperialists, their allies in the ME, and their media machine, were screaming so loud for war on Syria. This is because they thought they had a winning lie. Today, however, their voices are muted as evidence showing that the chemical attack in question was pre-planned case of cold blood mass murder of children and women have started emerge from various sources. As a result, President Obama has now claimed this was not a “red line”-meaning the West failed to pin this war crimes on the Syrian Arab Army and government. Now, the criminals are worried about the evidence of their crimes being subject to impartial expert analysis. Thus, according the UK daily newspaper, the Guardian, the victims of the alleged chemical attack have been “smuggled to Jordan”!!!! But this makes no logical sense. This is because U.N representatives are already in Damascus investigating a previous terror chemical attack in Aleppo. If the West and the Al Qaida allies have nothing to hide why not allow the U.N. specialists already in Syria investigate the facts of this alleged chemical attack!!!!

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