Suffocation cases among Syrian army soldiers reported as terrorists used chemical weapons in Jobar


August 24, 2013 – Damascus countryside, (SANA-M. Ismael/Mazen) – A number of soldiers have suffered from cases of suffocation while entering Joubar neighborhood in Damascus countryside on Saturday as armed terrorist groups used chemical weapons, an official source announced on Saturday.

The source added in a statement to SANA that the staffs of emergency have rescued the soldiers with suffocation cases, indicating that “some of the injured are in a critical condition”.

The source told SANA that an army unit had pushed into the area where the suffocation cases among army soldiers have been reported, following violent clashes with the armed terrorist groups in the area.

The armed forces seized a warehouse containing barrels with ‘Made in USA‘ written on them, in addition to a large number of protective masks.

Drugs used when inhaling chemicals were found inside a terrorists’ den in Jobar, with ‘The Qatari-German Company for Pharmaceutical Industries’ inscribed on them.

SANA reporter in Jobar said the army units are making headway in pursuing the armed terrorist groups that have wreaked havoc in the neighborhood.
















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