Syria: Who Is Using Chemical Weapons?






Video by SiriaNews

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11 thoughts on “Syria: Who Is Using Chemical Weapons?

  1. Thank you such for uploading this video. For a long time, the terrorists have documented their ruthless crimes without any fear for repercussions. However, the same may not be true for their sponsors. Please down load, upload and safe this and similar evidence based videos and other similar images because soon this video and similar videos done by the terrorists themselves will become evidence in a war crime investigations. When the U.S. and the West formed an open alliance with Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Al Qaida, it became clear that sooner or later the West will come to regret its wicked alliance with Al Qaida et. al.

    • dear Salima, you are right, but, unfortunately we know that we can publish and upload thousands & thousands of video & articles with the evidences of the takfiri crimes, but nothing will stop the Zion/Yankee criminals and their takfiri puppets, nothing else than just resist and fight until the end, until the evil entity that occupies the Holy Land of Palestine will not be extinguished

  2. One more critical point which must be addressed is that the Syrian Arab Army made a brilliant decision in deciding to attack the terrorists immediately after the terrorists used of chemical weapons. This is because the Syria Arab Army has prevented the terrorists from their capacity of using chemical weapons in a massive scale. In addition, it allowed the Syrian Arab Army to collective concrete evidence showing the use of chemical weapons by the Al Qaida terrorists and that their Western and their regional allies have been providing the terrorists with chemical weapons.

  3. I don’t think the Syrian government is dumb to do a gas attack on the day the weapon inspectors started their work. secondly, even if they want to do that, no idiot will gas prior to move in as it will affect their own solders.

  4. Dear Syria-network:
    Thank you for the work you are doing in this site informing the rest of the world about what is really happening in Syria. Second, Syria is different from other countries the West attacked in the past-including Iraq, Libya, even Yugoslavia( because at the time, Russia was in economic and political turmoil)for the following reasons: first Syria has strong army. Second, Syria has strong friends; here I refer to Iran and Russia and China; third, the war on Syria is a proxy war directed at once toward Russia and Iran. As a result, both Russia and Iran will not allow Syria to fall into the hands of terrorists and Western imperialists; fourth, in my view, for the reasons I have stated already, the West will not invade Syria directly. Instead, it will increase the psychological warfare in Syria; it also increase its support for the anti-Syrian terrorists. The Syrian Arab Army, political leadership know this strategy. The West also knows it will not win with these tactics. However, the West still wants to do as much damage as possible to Syria in the hope of weakening Syria.
    In response, all those in the world who care about Syria must help Syria in any way possible. You are here using your precious time and energy spreading the truth about what is happening in Syria. I am here using my time and energy to leave informed comments. Syrians must also realize-which they already did, that this is total war against them. As a result, the Syrians must focus only one thing: winning this war; protecting the children, the country; the people. This is why am delighted the Syrian Army’s latest two pronged strategy of striking the terrorists hard in order to prevent the terrorist from causing further harm to the people but also by engaging in considered media campaign in order to country the lies and provocations. In my view, Syria may turn out to be the deadly lure that took Hitler to Hitler Stalingrad in WWII [the lure of oil in the Caucasus]. Today, many people believe that West’s war on Syria has great deal to with energy/resources wars. However, if the West enters war against Syria directly, it will end badly- and most of all for the West and its allies in the ME.
    In solidarity

  5. Full support to syrian people from Ukraine.
    If Iran-Syrian alliance will fall next step-Russia. And first stage
    of destroying Russia will be same bloody ‘civil’ war in my homeland Ukraine to
    get direct acces to russian border. It looks like fantasy, but is one of varios scenario

  6. Where is this video from?

    How do we know it’s Syria and not some other Middle-Eastern place? There is no real proof here…

    (I am just trying to make sure this is not either fake, or from some other place)

  7. Thanks for sharing your valuable information. At the moment, it is difficult to see what desperate situation would have caused al Assad to use chemical weapons and take the risk of missile-strike as he anyway is already winning the war. His opponents however have the motivation – using chemical weapons to force the United States to intervene and depose al Assad, they have already used CW earlier and had possiblity to use them in Damascus too.

    In my opinion Obama should think twice bedore air-strike against al-Assad regime as the right address might be Qatar-funded mercenaries led by Al Qaeda. Also the latest info is that US does not know where WMDs of regime are so there is two follow-ups:

    a) the opposition can have some of them,

    b) the unclear location can be hit by air-strike causing damage.

    While all options are open what happened in relation of chemical weapons from my perspective it is crucial to wait untill we know more, for example after investigations made by U.N team. Meanwhile the great powers should make pressure to local stakeholders to start ceasefire/peace talks without preconditions. More about Syria e.g: “War To Dissolution With Help Of Media” –

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