U.S. & allies impatient to wait for the UN investigations, while fixing intelligence around Syria


The US and many of its allies seem impatient to wait for the UN findings – with American warships already converging near the war-torn state – and the British are preparing to join them. RT’s Maria Finoshina looks at where their confidence comes from in blaming the Syrian government for using chemical weapons – and where it might lead.




Russian Foreign Ministry is worried about the pressure being put on Assad’s government, despite the UN investigation into the alleged use of chemicals having not even started. Meanwhile, medical charity Doctors Without Borders say they received more than three thousand patients suffering from intoxication on Wednesday, when the chemical assault was reported. 355 of them died. But exactly who was behind the attack is still hard to verify. So far the U.S. and its allies have assumed Assad is to blame. For more on that, anti-war activist Richard Becker from ANSWER coalition joins RT studio.

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8 thoughts on “U.S. & allies impatient to wait for the UN investigations, while fixing intelligence around Syria

  1. I cannot tell the Russians and the Chinese authorities how to act but the only way to end this farce is to tell NATO and their terrorist allies Syria cannot be invaded without consequences in plain and explicit language. Nothing else will work.

  2. Reading the endless press releases of from the U.S. UK and France, one feels the West is driven by a fatal attraction to Syria. Saudi Arabia and Israel are guiding the Western agenda in Syria. Russia can help the situation by making it clear striking Syria not bring no victory to the West nor will it weaken the will of the Syrian people to resist. The U.S. wants to test the limited of its claim to unipolor global dominance over the Syria conflict. Contrary to the mistake they made in the case of Libya, Russia and China must be totally and explicitly clear that attacking Syria will not bring victory to the West.

  3. Doctors Without Border is playing today the role Amnesty International played in the 1991 war making discourse leading to the U.S war against Iraq; I am talking about the infamous incubator story in which a well rehearsed member of the Kuwaiti Royal family masquerading as a witness of the event gave a riveting account of shocking incident in Iraq soldiers supposedly ripped premature babies off their life saving incubators. After the end of historicity, it turned out the incubator story was a pure hoax. Doctor Without Borders doctors could ask the patience of these alleged symptoms specific questions such as their locations, take samples from them—that they could have collected forensic evidence but they did none of these things. Syria should kick out Doctors without Borders out of Syria. I have been supporting Doctors Without Borders for over 20 years but I will think about whether to continue supporting it. I want to stress if the imperialists are allowed to attack Syria, they will attack Iran immediately and Russia will be next. Syria is the red line.

    • MSF DoctorsWithoutBorders do NOT have any personnel in Syria -they just repeat what terrorists “doctors”tell them – no professional investigation – and interesting that they seem happy to see Syria go same as Somalia and Sudan where they withdrew their staff because of attacks by the VERY SAME JIHADI FANATICS now terrorizing Syria. You are correct – if the nation state of Syria can be attacked and destroyed by NATO with impunity, no real response by Russia other than talk then Iran next, then back to the Caucasus and on to Moscow. Back up your words Russia – is Syria an ally or not ?

      • As soon as the zion-yankee powers move for war, they will test the medicine

  4. I want to add one more comment to this blog. First, the imperialists want war with Syria but on the cheap. This is way the latest Russian media interview with President Bashar Al-Assad has been dissected in the Western media. The imperialists want to know if Russia has delivered S-300 to Syria or not! What this tells is that the imperialists classes are fearful of a protracted war that is can easily turn into a regional war where their own people will dies. Second, point I want to add is that since the Vietnam war, the U.S. attacked mainly weak nations with no strong allies- this I include Iraq of both 1991 and 2003. This is because in the case Western invasion of Iraq, both in 1991 and in 2003, Iran and Russia were not key factors. Today, if the West decides to attack Syria, it will be the first time since the end of WWII that Axes attack a formidable nation with militarily strong friends. If the Western allies decide they can attack Syria, of course nobody can stop them but they will receive decisive response. I am certain then and there they will participate peace negotiations rather than threatening war 24 hours 7 days a week.
    The reasons I have stated above is why I think Western military build around Syria is political talking points because the terrorists have lost grounds in Syria. Syria must push the terrorists harder and cleanse them as the West talks war.

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