Americans to Obama: hands off Syria


Washington DC– The Hands Off Syria movement was launched in several US states to send a message rejecting any intervention in Syria to the US administration and Congress.

The campaign, which was launched on Tuesday, is organized by the Syrian-American Forum, members of the Syrian and Arab communities in the US, and American activists, beginning in Pennsylvania and spreading to of New York, Washington, Boston, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Dearborn, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Sara Flounders, coordinator of the International Action Center which is participating in this movement, said in a statement to SANA that hundreds of Americans and members of the Syrian and Arab communities have rallied in these cities carrying banners protesting any attack on Syria.

She said that the goal of this movement is to send a message to the US administration and Congress rejecting any US or foreign intervention in Syria.



Hands Off Syria movement launched in many US states in rejection of threats against Syria

Thousands of Americans have crowded in Times Square Syria chanting “Hands off Syria” protesting the threats of Obama’s administrations of attacking Syria and rejecting any military action against it.

One of the protesters said that Obama’s administration would spend billions to attack Syrian people; meanwhile it does not have money to employ 30 million Americans out of work

90 % of US citizens refuse attacking Syria even if they proofed using chemical weapon in it, pointing out that the lei that US created to attack Iraq is being repeated to attack Syria.







One thought on “Americans to Obama: hands off Syria

  1. los apoyo y qe se largue obama qe no se meta quien se cree qe es el pra ser lo qe quiere aqui peru los apoyamos a ustedes y fuerza y destruyan alos ee uu porqe son la lacra de este mundo ellos menterisos y anbiciosos

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