War on Syria: the Health of the US Military Industrial Complex


Obama’s Syria Attack:
The Health of the Military Industrial Complex

Following twin war drum speeches by Secretary of State John Kerry and Obama on Friday, the corporate media, led by the traditional master of war propaganda, the New York Times, speculated that the United States might not attack Syria if it can’t nail down support.

“Deprived of the support of Britain, America’s most stalwart wartime ally, the Obama administration scrambled behind the scenes to build international support elsewhere for a strike that might begin as early as this weekend,” the Time reports. “Officials were still holding out hope that at least one Arab country might publicly join the military coalition.”

One Arab nation? How pathetic. None of this matters because so-called partners, consensus and the “need to establish American credibility” has little to do with the drive to bomb Syria.

Bombing Syria — or any other country — is about business: the prospect of bombs over Damascus is about profits for the military-industrial complex. It is about transnational corporations and international banks that stand to gain both obscene profits and unprecedented political power in a geopolitical chess game.

If you doubt this, check out the graphs below. They reveal something not broadcast on the front page of the New York Times: wars and rumors of war drive the markets.



During the Napoleonic Wars, the banker Nathan Mayer Rothschild was instrumental in financing the British war effort. He not only organized the shipment of bullion to the Duke of Wellington’s armies scattered across Europe, he also received and used to his advantage political and financial information denied his competitors. Rothschild famously exploited news of England’s victory over Napoleon at Waterloo to manipulate the markets and bought up the bond market after the war.

It’s no different now. Corporations and banks — far more powerful today than in Nathan Mayer Rothschild’s day — invariably drive the United States government to war. Speeches by the blue blood John Kerry Heinz and the teleprompter reader Obama who was carefully groomed by the CIA to be the first black president — and thus more teflon coated than Ronald Reagan — are minor players.

Kurt Nimmo – Infowars.com







4 thoughts on “War on Syria: the Health of the US Military Industrial Complex

  1. I do agree much of the what this author had to say. However, the author left out few important points worthy consideration: the U.S. military lost all the wars it fought since the end of WWII. And, in the European theatre, the U.S. did enter the war on till 1944. Note, the U.S was not part of the biggest battles of WWII: Battle of Moscow 1941, Stalingrad 1942, Kursk, 1943 and battle of Berlin 1945. Yes, for the U.S. war is business as long as the fighting is done from a distance with overwhelming fire power and dying is done by others[hence, Obama silly talk on limited strike of Syria]. However, Syria is a formidable power, with well trained and highly motivated army. Syria has also strong regional alliance and Great Russia in her side. Obama did not take all these factors into account when he declared his intention to wage war of aggression against Syria. When Vladimir Putin said on record that Syrian Arab army never used chemical weapons and it had no reason to do it because it was on the offensive, he was speaking to the U.S; that is he was telling the U.S that Syria is off limit. 2 hours later Obama announced a tactical retreat. Some have speculated- and I tend to agree- Putin told Obama if the U.S. strikes Syria the Russians would retaliate massively against Saudi oil fields. This makes perfect send since Prince Bandar threatened Russia with something 9/11 if the Russians did not drop their support for Syria. Whatever, the case, the U.S. cannot attack Syria without massive consequences.

  2. Obama is becoming truly sad figure now; he is acting as a somebody lacking in commonsense or logical thinking. He is now telling the media that he has the right to strike Syria! This stupid guy is supposed to have a law degree. We are told his specializes in Constitutional Law. So who gives him the right to attack Syria? He is from a society lacking in culture and humanity. He is disgusting and sad figure. I pray Putin will tell him in plain Russian that Syria is off limit-outside the reach of U.S. imperialism its cultural of aggression and vandalism. Syria is too precious a civilization to be destroyed by the ugly imperialists. May God bless Syria. Death to the imperialists and aggressors.

  3. The following two stories speak the mentality of the United States culture of aggression and imperialism. The U.S. wants to attack with impunity but it expects no counterstrike! Americans made similar miscalculations many times in the past. Why would Russia stay in the sideline when it is clear if Syria falls Russia’s North Caucasus will be the next target for Al Nusra Front Chechen terrorists ? And why would Syria not lash-out if attacked? The U.S geopolitical logic is as pathetic as its baseless accusations that the Syrian Arab Army used chemical weapons without showing any credible evidence.



  4. Most important point is that if Vladimir Putin fails to help Syria defeat Al-Nusra Front and if he fails to prevent the U.S. aggression against Syria, Russia will fight Bandar Bin Sultan [Bush]’Al-Nusra Front inside Russia itself. Vladimir Putin knows this to be a fact and not a theoretical projection.

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