Breaking News: Hezbollah mobilizes forces ahead of potential US-led attack on Syria


Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement is mobilizing its force, as the war rhetoric against Syria intensifies, witnesses say.



Hezbollah Placing Billboard At The Israeli Border:






6 thoughts on “Breaking News: Hezbollah mobilizes forces ahead of potential US-led attack on Syria

  1. Long time ago, some have noticed that President Obama has uncanny resemblance of the anti-Christ. Nobody would doubt that today that President Obama is the embodiment of the anti-Christ. From the very moment he assumed political power, Obama spoke of peace and justice and did the opposite: ordering murders, spying, alliance with Al Qaida terrorists. If war must come let Allah give total victory to the righteous fighters of the Syrian Arab Army and their allies. There is a reason why Europe including UK does not want to participate U.S. lead war of aggression against Syria. People could see this war will turn into a regional war very quickly. Obama is now asking for a “two day bombing” spry of Syria! This is disgusting. Nobody start war against another country to get the chance to bomb of a country. This is something the U.S. and Israel have done in the past but there is a difference this time. This time, the enemy is in an openly alliance with Al Qaida and for that reason people will fight the U.S. terrorists as another Al Qaida terrorist entity. I hope American soldiers will honour their homeland and refuse to bomb Syria.

  2. This is indeed one of the greatest news I head for a long time! Allahu Akhabar! God is great!
    Egyptian Army supports the Syrian Arab Army!!!!!!!

  3. Obama, despite his many puppeteering faults, is not the antichrist. The antichrist will not be revealed until the third temple is built on the foundation stone. He will sign a peace treaty with israel and then command the ten kings, the usa president being one of those kings. The antichrist will be a figure the world will trust right away…that is impossible for obama.

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