US and Allied Warships off the Syrian Coastline: Naval Deployment Was Decided “Before” the August 21 Chemical Weapons Attack


A massive US and allied naval deployment is occurring in the Eastern Mediterranean off Syria’s coastline as well as in the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf.


While this display of military might may not be part of an immediate attack plan on Syria, it is creating an atmosphere of fear and panic within Syria.


The US Navy has deployed the USS San Antonio, an amphibious transport ship to the Eastern Mediterranean. The San Antonio is joining five US destroyers which “are already in place for possible missile strikes on Syria, a defense official said Sunday.”


The USS San Antonio, with several helicopters and hundreds of Marines on board, is “on station in the Eastern Mediterranean” but “has received no specific tasking,” said the defense official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. US Navy deploys five warships, one amphibious ship to Mediterranean for Syria


While the USS San Antonio has amphibious landing equipment, which can be used to land some six thousand sailors and marines, “no boots on the ground”, however, remains the official motto.


So why then has the US deployed its most advanced amphibious landing ship? The reports suggest that this is routine and there are no attack plans:


“No amphibious landing is in the works, however, as President Barack Obama has ruled out any “boots on the ground” (Ibid)


File:Uss san antonio 1330453.jpg


USS San Antonio


There are currently five destroyers off the coast of Syria: the USS Stout, Mahan, Ramage, Barry and Graveley, not to mention the San Antonio amphibious landing vessel.


The destroyers are equipped with Tomahawk cruise missiles which “are ready to fire … if Obama gives the order.”


On 28 August the U.S. Navy announced the deployment of  the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Stout en route to join four other destroyers “amid allegations that the regime of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons against civilians on August 21″.


In a not unusual twist, this deployment of US and allied naval forces preceded the chemical weapons attack which is being blamed on president Bashar al Assad.


According to Naval records, the guided missile destroyer USS Stout (DDG 55) departed Naval Station Norfolk, Va. on August 18, 2013, “for deployment to the U.S. 6th Fleet area of responsibility” (see image below upon its departure in Norfolk on August 18).


The USS Ramage destroyer left Naval Station Norfolk on August 13 for the Eastern Mediterranean, “to relieve the Mahan”.


Yet in fact what was decided was to deploy all five destroyers along the Syrian coastline. This decision was taken by the Pentagon well in advance of the chemical attacks of August 21, which constitute Obama’s pretext to intervene on humanitarian grounds.


The amphibious transport dock San Antonio, carrying elements of the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, has joined the five Navy destroyers in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, a defense official confirmed [August 30].

“No specific tasking has been received at this point,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. “The San Antonio is being kept in the sea as a prudent decision should ship capabilities be required.”

The five destroyers positioned near Syria are the: Barry, Gravely, Mahan, Ramage and Stout.

The Navy had been operating with three destroyers in the Med, and the Ramage and Stout were expected to replace Mahan and Gravely, respectively, when they arrived there this month. But officials decided to keep all five in place as the U.S. weighs an attack. Each destroyer is capable of carrying up to 90 Tomahawk cruise missiles, although they usually have fewer on hand during deployment., August 30, 2013


File:The guided missile destroyer USS Stout (DDG 55) departs Naval Station Norfolk, Va., Aug. 18, 2013, for deployment to the U.S. 6th Fleet area of responsibility 130818-N-WJ261-068.jpg


USS Stout leaving Norfolk on August 18. USS Stout was used as part of Operation Odyssey Dawn in the 2011 US-NATO war on Libya.


This massive naval deployment which also includes strategic submarines was ordered prior to the tragic event of August 21, which begs the question:


If the chemical weapons attack is a justification for intervening, why was the order to launch an R2P “humanitarian” naval operation against Syria decided upon “Prior” to August 21?


Was there advanced knowledge or intelligence regarding the timing and occurrence of the 21 August Chemical Weapons attack?


A strike against Syria in the immediate short-term is unlikely. Obama announced on August 31st that he would seek formal approval of the US Congress, which reconvenes on September 9.


With independent news reports providing firm evidence that the US sponsored Al Qaeda rebels (recruited and trained by Allied Special Forces) have chemical weapons in their possession, this delay does not favor the president’s political credibility.


Moreover, there is evidence that the US sponsored rebels used chemical weapons against civilians.


In providing those chemical weapons to al Qaeda “rebels”, the US-NATO-Israel alliance is in violation of international law, not to mention their own anti-terrorist legislation.


Overtly supporting Al Qaeda has become the “New Normal”.

terrorists with chem weapons


When the various pieces of evidence are put together, the picture which emerges is that of a covert “flag flag operation” carried out by the US sponsored “rebels” and special forces, intent upon blaming president Bashar Al Assad for killing his own people. As mentioned above, the naval deployment was decided upon ex ante, before the 21 August chemical Weapons attack.


This diabolical false flag attack which consists in killing civilians and blaming the Syrian government constitutes the justification for military intervention on “humanitarian grounds”.


The US and its allies are still in the process of deploying their naval forces off the Syrian coastline.


The Pentagon has confirmed that  aircraft carrier USS Nimitz and its carrier strike group has moved into the Red Sea from the Indian Ocean, but, according to official statements, “it has not been given orders to be part of the planning for a limited U.S. military strike on Syria”


“The official said the carrier strike group has not been assigned a mission and the move to the Red Sea was a prudent move in case its resources are needed to “maximize available options”.


The other ships in the USS Nimitz strike group are: USS Princeton and three destroyers: USS William P. Lawrence, USS Stockdale and USS Shoup.



USS Nimitz


Latest reports are that The USS Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier and strike group is in the northern Arabian Sea. 


Meanwhile reports confirm that France has dispatched its anti-air warfare frigate “Chevalier Paul” to the eastern Mediterranean. The French warship is joining the flotilla of US and British warships “including US navy destroyers and British and American submarines, which are armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles.”


Syria is being portrayed in the French media as the aggressor:


The Chevalier Paul vessel is one of France’s “most up-to-date destroyers of the Horizon-class, …[ it ] will be “extremely useful” if Syria decides to launch its air attacks against the international flotilla.”


Nuclear-powered French aircraft carrier the Charles de Gaulle remains in dock at the southern French naval port Toulon, according to news agencies.”


Russian Warships to the Syrian Coastline


A critical situation is unfolding:


Moscow has announced that is also sending two warships to the Eastern Mediterranean to reinforce its naval strength which operates out of Russia’s naval base at the port of Tartus in Southern Syria.


The agency quoted a source in the armed forces’ general staff as saying an anti-submarine vessel and a missile cruiser would be sent in the coming days because the situation “required us to make some adjustments” in the naval force. French and Russian warships ‘head for Syria’ – SYRIA – FRANCE 24


Syria’s Air Defense System


The Russian built S-300 is functional. The deployment of the S-300 Surface to Air Missile system in Syria has been on the drawing board of the Russian Ministry of Defense since 2006.



Syria also possesses the Pechora-2M air defense system,  The Pechora-2M is a sophisticated ground to air multiple target system which can also be used against cruise missiles.


Had this air defense not been in place, the implementation of a US-NATO led “no fly zone” would no doubt have been contemplated at an earlier date.


Pechora-2M S-125 SA-3 surface-to-air defense missile system technical data sheet specifications information description pictures photos images video intelligence identification intelligence Russia Russian army defence industry military technology

The Pechora-2M is a surface-to-air anti-aircraft short-range missile system designed for destruction of aircraft, cruise missiles, assault helicopters and other air targets at ground, low and medium altitudes.


Moreover,  in response to the US-allied missile deployments of Patriot missiles in Turkey, Russia delivered advanced Iskander missiles to Syria, which are now fully operational.


The Iskander is described as a surface-to-surface missile system “that no missile defense system can trace or destroy”:


The superior Iskander can travel at hypersonic speed of over 1.3 miles per second (Mach 6-7) and has a range of over 280 miles with pinpoint accuracy of destroying targets with its 1,500-pound warhead, a nightmare for any missile defense system.



Iskander Mach 6-7


 Concluding Remarks


The World is at a dangerous crossroads.


The US and allied naval deployment in the Eastern Mediterranean with US-NATO warships is contiguous to the deployment of Russian warships out of Russia’ naval base in Tartus.


Syria has an advanced air defense system which will be used in the case of a US sponsored attack. Russian military advisers are assisting Syrian forces.


Syria also has significant ground forces.


Syria has been building up its air defense system with the delivery and installation over the last few years of the Russian S300 system.


History tells us that wars are often triggered unexpectedly as a result of “political mistakes” and human error. The latter are all the more likely within the realm of a divisive and corrupt political system in the US and Western Europe.


US-NATO military planning is overseen by a centralised military hierarchy. Command and Control operations are in theory “coordinated” but in practice they are often marked by human error. Intelligence operatives often function independently and outside the realm of political accountability.


While military planners are acutely aware of the dangers of escalation, civilian politicians responding to dominant economic interests ultimately decide on the launching of a major theater war.


Any form of US-NATO direct military intervention against Syria would destabilize the entire region, potentially leading to escalation over a vast geographical area, extending from the Eastern Mediterranean to the Afghanistan-Pakistan border with Tajikistan and China.


Military planning involves intricate scenarios and war games by both sides including military options pertaining to advanced weapons systems. A Third World War scenario has been contemplated by US-NATO-Israeli military planners since early 2000.


Escalation is an integral part of the military agenda. War preparations to attack Syria and Iran have been in “an advanced state of readiness” for several years.


We are dealing with complex political and strategic decision-making involving the interplay of powerful economic interest groups, the actions of covert intelligence operatives.


In the case of Syria, US intelligence and its Western and Israeli counterparts are supporting an armed insurgency largely integrated by Al Qaeda mercenaries and death squads.


The role of war propaganda is paramount not only in molding public opinion into accepting a war agenda, but also in establishing a consensus within the upper echelons of the decision-making process. A selective form of war propaganda intended for “Top Officials” (TOPOFF) in government agencies, intelligence, the Military, law enforcement, etc. is intended to create an unbending consensus in favor of War and the Police State.


For the war project to go ahead, it is essential that both politicians and military planners are rightfully committed to leading the war “in the name of justice and democracy”. For this to occur, they must firmly believe in their own propaganda, namely that war is “an instrument of peace and democracy”.


They have no concern for the devastating impacts of advanced weapons systems, routinely categorized as “collateral damage”, let alone the meaning and significance of pre-emptive warfare, using nuclear weapons.


I should be noted that the Humanitarian warfare consensus is extremely fragile will large sector of public opinion taking a stance against the war-makers.


Wars are invariably decided upon by civilian leaders and corporate interests rather than by the military. War serves dominant economic interests which operate from behind the scenes, behind closed doors in corporate boardrooms, in the Washington think tanks, etc.


Realities are turned upside down. War is peace. The Lie becomes the Truth.


War propaganda, namely media lies, constitutes the most powerful instrument of warfare.


Without media disinformation, the US-NATO-Israel led war agenda would collapse like a deck of cards. The legitimacy of  the war criminals in high office would be broken.


It is therefore essential to disarm not only the mainstream media but also a segment of the self proclaimed “progressive” alternative media, which has provided legitimacy to NATO’s “Responsibility to protect” (R2P)  mandate, largely with a view to dismantling the antiwar movement.


The road to Tehran goes through Damascus. A war on Iran would involve, as a first step, the destabilization of Syria as a nation state. Military planning pertaining to Syria is an integral part of the war on Iran agenda.


The war on Syria could evolve towards a US-NATO-Israel military campaign directed against Iran, in which Turkey and Israel would be directly involved.



It is crucial to spread the word and break the channels of media disinformation.


A critical and unbiased understanding of what is happening in Syria is of crucial importance in reversing the tide of military escalation towards a broader regional war.


Our objective is ultimately to dismantle the US-NATO-Israeli military arsenal and restore World Peace. 


It is essential that people in the US, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Israel, Turkey and around the World prevent this war from occurring.



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Updated September 03, 2013

[part of these concluding remarks was written in August 2012]




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6 thoughts on “US and Allied Warships off the Syrian Coastline: Naval Deployment Was Decided “Before” the August 21 Chemical Weapons Attack

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  2. Western media is spinning lies by claiming that Vladimir Putin’s latest interview with media shows backtracking signs from his strong support of Syria. I did not see it that way. Reasons are as follows: the fall of Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt has changed the U.S. imperialist war plans and geopolitical agenda in the ME region. The most important setback for the U.S. was the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Now ruled by a secular leadership with the military, Egypt strongly affirms Syria’s national sovereignty.

    Media in the West does not want people to know but it is important to know that Egypt has a mutual defense treaty with Syrian- which dates back to the 1950s. Thus, if Syria is attacked, Egyptian military and the people may respond in number of ways including preventing U.S. use of the Suez canal to move ships designed for attacking Syria and send troops to fight against the Al Qaida terrorists in Syria the U.S. and French now want to bring to power in Syria.

    Turkey is gong to be a major loser in its wicked aggression against Syria and this is also a bad news for the U.S. Prime Minister Recep Tayip Erdogan wants the U.S. military to attack against Syria. Turkey is also the main route in which terrorists and illegal weapons enter Syria.
    But with the fall of the Islamic Brotherhood, Turkey will be isolated because Syria is winning against the terrorists on the ground and this is the main reason the U.S. and the French want to attack Syria–not chemical weapons use-which is a big lie– because Al Nusra Front is who used chemical weapons- not the Syrian Arab Army.
    Now game plan for Russia. Vladimir Putin is playing smart geopolitical game: he is due to visit Egypt very soon and many have noted warming of relations between Russia and Egypt. If Obama boy ignores the UN Security Council and starts war of aggression against Syria, the Russians will give Syria and Iran and potentially Egypt advanced weapons that would be able to neutralize the U.S. military advantage. So, I say Obama 0: Putin 1! the game continues

    • We all thank Salima for the precious support and we invite everybody to follow the indications and suggestions that every day we receive from Salima at the bottom of every article.
      May God bless Salima and all of you.
      Network Editor & team

  3. Thank you Syrianetwork for your kind words. I love Syria from the bottom of my heart. I love Syria because it is a land of great civilization; Syria is a modern Arab nation that in the past and still welcomes the dispossessed and the dislocated from Palestine to Somalia and beyond. Some of us will never forget that. Today, Syria is facing an aggression based on wickedness and a shameless at your face geopolitical calculations which is as wicked as Hitler’s war of aggression that led to WWII and close to a 100M dead and destruction of Europe. The wickedness of the aggressors is plain to see that today the French President repeated his pathetic comment after the reclaiming of Al Qusair by the Syrian Arab Army. He claimed that Syria must be attacked in order to create a “balance” ! He means creat balance between Al Qaida and the Syrian Arab Army thereby creating stalemate that will ensure the continues shedding of Syrian blood! So the aggressors are unmasking the racist foundation of their own aggression.

    When aggressors make this type of at yours face unmeant confessions- Syrian media must expose it and let the entire world see the truth. In reality, peaceful world does not want to see benefit to the Syrian people in creating “balance” between the Syrian Arab Army and Al Nusra Front! I do truly believe that Egypt can send troops to Syria to fight against Al-Nusra Al-Qaida formations-since this will be for the sake of Egypt’s own national security. The Obama’x aggression against Syria is aggression against all Arab people and against all Muslims. I am Muslim, fair-minded person who cares about peace and justice. My contribution to this site is my way of helping Syria in the sense of providing analysis- and debunking lies. Others are doing the same. I am doing what I can from my little corner of the media wars-much of which is controlled by the enemies of Syria. But the Syria Arab Army and the Syrian people are defending their country with their blood.. According to our Prophet Muhammed, may peace and the Bless of Allah be upon said, if you see injustice reject it with your feeling/thoughts, then in your action. I am not doing the ultimate action of life in defending Syria- I am doing little bit with heart ( I cry for Syria every moment I see shedding of Syrian blood) and with my thoughts by writing useful ideas in places such as this blog. Long live Syria- may total victory come and soon to the people of Syria.
    God bless and protect the Syria Arab Army!

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