LATEST NEWS FROM SYRIA ~ September 5, 2013


Army presses ahead with operations against terrorists, razes their dens in several areas
Provinces, (SANA)-Army units continued operations against terrorists, among them non-Syrians, in several areas across the country


Al-Moallem heads to Moscow Monday for talks
Moscow, (SANA)-Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem will be visiting Moscow next Monday, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced in a statement issued on Thursday


ALBA-TCP countries hold gathering in Tehran in solidarity with Syria
Tehran, (SANA)- Ambassadors of ALBA and Latin American countries  (ALBA-TCP) held a gathering at the Venezuelan Chancery in Tehran in solidarity with Syria against any US potential aggression on Syria


Endowments Ministry calls for a day of fasting, Churches call for mass Saturday
Damascus, (SANA) – Ministry of Endowment (Awqaf) called on the Syrians to fast next Monday and pray to God to preserve Syria


Man and wife martyred, others injured in terrorist attack in Homs countryside
Homs,Damascus, (SANA)- A man and his wife were martyred by the gunfire of armed terrorist groups which attacked citizens’ houses in al-Misherfeh town in Homs countryside


Tehran: US made mistake in handling crisis in Syria
Tehran, (SANA)- Supreme Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, Sayyed Ali Khamenei, said the US has made a mistake in handling the crisis in Syria and its interests would be harmed in case it launched an aggression on it


Four citizens martyred in car bomb explosion in al-Soumariyeh, Damascus
Damascus, (SANA)- Four citizens were martyred and others were wounded in a car bomb explosion which took place near the Research and Tests Center, that is affiliated to the Ministry of Industry, in al-Soumariyeh area


China: Military action on Syria would have negative impacts on global economy
St. Petersburg, Russia, (SANA)_ China has warned that any military action against Syria would harm the global economy through causing a hike in oil prices


Protests in rejection of US threats against Syria
Lattakia/Paris/ Sousse, (SANA)- (Update3) Sit-ins and protests continue in rejection of the US and Western threats to launch an aggression on Syria


Pope Francis renewes rejection of any military solution to the crisis in Syria
Vatican, (SANA)- Pope Francis stressed his rejection of any military solution to the crisis in Syria, urging the G20 Summit’s leaders to move towards finding a peaceful solution to the crisis


Head of St. Jacob Monastery: Photos circulated on CWs use in Damascus suburbs fabricated
Damascus, (SANA)_Head of St. Jacob Monastery Mother Agnes Mary of the Cross said that what Syria is going through is a manifestation of a barbaric culture


Army inflicts heavy losses upon terrorists, destroys their hideouts in several provinces
Provinces, (SANA)- The army on Wednesday carried out a number of special operations against terrorists in several provinces, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

Russia: chemical projectile launched in Khan al-Assal does not belong to Syrian Army
Moscow, (SANA) – The Russian Foreign Ministry stressed that the chemical projectile which was used in Khan al-Assal in Aleppo countryside did not belong to the Syrian Arab Army

Baath Party Assistant Regional Secretary: lie of chemical weapons has been exposed
Daraa, (SANA) – Assistant Regional Secretary of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party, Hilal Hilal, stressed that Syria is combating U.S.-backed terrorism, adding that the US and its allies are launching

Prime Minister calls for coordination to provide citizens’ needs and protect properties
Damascus, (SANA) – Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi stressed the need for coordination and cooperation among al-Baath Party branches, executive authorities, civil and vocational organizations

Parliament Speaker: Syria determined to vanquish terrorism, undismayed by US threats
Damascus, (SANA)_Syria will remain undismayed by the threats of the US and its allies of waging an aggression against it, and is more determined than ever to vanquish terrorism and restore security and stability

Putin: US Congress seeks to legitimize aggression on Syria
Moscow, (SANA)- President Vladimir Putin of Russia said the US administration is lying during debates about Syria in Congress

Taekwondo player martyred, citizens injured in mortar and rocket attacks
Provinces, (SANA)- Member of the Syrian national Taekwondo team, Mohammad Ali Nu’meh, was martyred Wednesday by mortar shells fired by terrorists on al-Faihaa Sport Hall in Damascus

Bishops of Damascus: Vatican’s call for fasting day for peace in Syria reflects Christianity’s preaching for peace
Damascus, (SANA) – Bishops of Damascus stressed that the call voiced by the Pope of the Vatican, Francis I, for fasting on Saturday for peace in Syria and the Middle East reflects the preaching of Christianity’s preaching for peace

Iran: Syria is not alone in the face of aggression
Tehran, (SANA) -Iran’s President Hassan Rohani stressed that Iran will continue its support to Syria, expressing strong condemnation of any aggression on the region’s countries, particularly Syria

Electricity returning to most areas after blackout caused by terrorist attack
Damascus, (SANA) – Electricity Minister Imad Khamis said that electricity is gradually returning to most provinces after a blackout on Wednesday morning caused by a terrorist attack against a high-tension power line in the central region


Syrian Arab News Agencie – 5/9/2013




3 thoughts on “LATEST NEWS FROM SYRIA ~ September 5, 2013

  1. Great news, Egyptian court has outlawed the Islamic Brotherhood. This is great news for Arab independence. Egypt is determined to get rid off terrorists and radical jihadists and the best way to do that is forging strongest Arab alliance: Syria, Egypt and Iraq. This alliance will be based on mutual solidarity, Arab brotherhood and progressive hope for the future of Arab people and their civilizations. These countries are the foundations of resurgence of Arab consciousness and their alliance will strike the fatal blow to the petro dollar reactionary Sheikdoms of Saudi Arabia, Qatar , who have been financing the destruction of the Arab nation and shedding Arab blood. It is my considered view that this emerging Arab consciousness is one of main reason the United States wants to attack Syria since without Syria this alliance will not happen. However, at the G20 meeting Obama boy did not manage to convince a single leader in the G20 nations outside of France to join his plan of war of aggression against Syria. In another related context, Russia and China are playing leading role in shaping the emerging multi-polar global economic outlook. This is another reason Obama boy wants to undermine Russia and China’s role at the UNSC. Most importantly, Russia has gained immense prestige and respect of the entire world for standing up for peace and resisting blatant aggression, lies and deceit. God Bless Great Russia. God bless Vladimir Putin. God Bless the Syrian Arab Army! Ura ura for Arab Unity, ura ura for the end of Islamic Brotherhood!!!! New he is rotting in prison Mohamed Morsi will not able to send jihadists to Syria in order to shed Syrian blood

  2. Today, it has been reported in the media that Obama boy is planning to double or even triple the “power” of the U.S. military strike against Syria! Clearly this is a sign of his paranoia as his warmongering strategy has been rejected by the majority of the world leaders to the point that even the British Parliament voted against it. Hitler was also a man filled with inferiority complex and paranoiac delusions just like Obama. Hitler- just like Obama- had a childlike believe in technological efficacy as a way to gaining an edge over the enemy. Here are two well known Soviet classic which seek to capture two moment of great and bloody confrontations between the German and Soviet forces. These confrontations were based on the German army’s desire to force breakthrough by using massive strike but were resisted and that as a result the German strikes failed to achieve the desired breakthrough results. Obama boy will not break Syria with his “massive” strike force because Syria has well that cannot broken: The Syria Arab Army!!!!

    Two songs dedicated to the Syria Arab Army. Everybody in the world should listen these songs!!!

  3. The U.S. spreads depleted uranium, bloodshed and chaos in the Arab and Muslim world. The U.S. bombed Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Today, there is no peace, security or democracy in any of these countries- only suffering, bloodshed and insecurity. The U.S. wants to repeat the same in Syria. Russia must protect Syria. May God protect Syria from the effects of the aggression of the wicked imperialists. Syria will not be intimidated. Syria is not alone. Syria has strong committed friends and allies. Sons of Syria are ready to defend the homeland and the people with their bodies as a wall of shield that can never be broken.

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