USA's Kerry & McCain Terrorists Enter World's Only Aramaic-Speaking Mostly Christian Town, Maaloula, Syria ~ (ENG-ITA)

SEPTEMBER 4TH, 2013 – Eretz Zen reports…


USA’s Kerry & McCain Terrorists Enter World’s Only Aramaic-Speaking Mostly Christian Town of Maaloula, Syria

The footage clearly shows the terrorists are shooting randomly at the homes of the people, and not at government forces! They come, they terrorize, they murder in the name of their sick twisted form of religion, which they themselves, don’t even follow. They are heavily armed by the United States and gulf Arabs! Thank you John McCain and Secretary of State John Kerry.

The blood death of all these innocent WORLDS ONLY SPEAKING Christian Aramaic peoples are on your hands PERSONALLY!

This footage from September 4, 2013 shows terrorists from the ‘Revolutionaries of Bab Amr’ Brigade of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) conducting a joint invasion with al-Qaeda’s Jabhat al-Nusra (Nusra Front) of the only town in the world where the ancient language of Aramaic is still spoken by its inhabitants.

Religiously, the population consists of both Christians (mainly Antiochian Orthodox and Melkite Greek Catholic) and Muslims. For the Muslim inhabitants, the legacy is all the more remarkable given that they were not Arabized, unlike most other Syrians who like them were Islamized over the centuries but also adopted Arabic and shifted to an “Arab” ethnic identity.

“God help and protect them from these vicious vermin. Amen”





Questo filmato é del 4 settembre 2013 e mostra terroristi provenienti dalle bande di Bab Amr e del FSA che conducono un’invasione congiunta con al-Qaeda/Jabhat al-Nusra nell’unica città al mondo dove l’antica lingua aramaica è ancora parlata dai suoi abitanti.

Confessionalmente parlando, la popolazione è costituita prevalentemente da cristiani (principalmente antiocheni ortodossi e greco-melkiti cattolici) e minoritariamente da musulmani, anch’essi non arabizzati nel linguaggio.

Si spera solo che l’Esercito Arabo Siriano possa intervenire presto, oppure oltre al massacro della popolazione civile, cosa che sta avvenendo in perfetto stiledi pulizia etnica come accade per i curdi, se ne andrá anche un altro pezzo del tesoro storico universale, non solo siriano.




7 thoughts on “USA's Kerry & McCain Terrorists Enter World's Only Aramaic-Speaking Mostly Christian Town, Maaloula, Syria ~ (ENG-ITA)

  1. This information will have no effect in the hearts of war criminals such as Obama. Please send the information to Russian media sources. Putin is now making firm statements about Syria. in my view , the only opinion that counts in terms of the security of Syria is that of the firm position of Putin. Obama does not care about killings of Syrian Christians or killing of anybody else who believes in the Unity of Syria.

    Today, John Kerry said that there are Al Qaida terrorists in Syria. Putin told the world media that John Kerry lied about Al Qaida in Syria. The U.S. understands and respects only the language of force. So, I am comforted by the news that the Russians are sending new warships to the Eastern Mediterranean. Obama and other imperialists will back down when they realize that they cannot attack Syria without implications.

  2. I would like to start this comment with a silent prayer for the victims of this and other equally barbaric attacks against all Syrian people including Christian Arab people in Syria by terrorists supported by the West and regional actors in the ME. Second, I would say the deepest thanks from the bottom of my heart to the Great Russian leader Vladimir Putin for his firm stance for justice and against aggressor. The primary reason that this very hour the imperialists are not raining death and destruction on Syria is because of the firm Russia’s stance. Syria of course has other close friends such as Iran but Russia has the military power to call the imperialists liars and held them to account and that is exactly what Vladimir Putin has done.
    Denying the imperialists the chance to start war of aggression against Syria immediately after the 21 August 2013 chemical attack in Al-Ghouta allowed journalists, chemical experts and policymakers to examine the evidence of the 21 August chemical attack in East Al-Ghouta . As a result, so far the facts point to Saudi Arabia, Israel and the CIA. In fact, 21 chemical attack in Al-Ghouta followed number of high profile events which took place within a month of less: First, was the Syrian Army’s successful ambush of a group 60 plus armed terrorists trained by the CIA and the Saudis who entered Syria from Jordan. This event enraged Prince Bandar Bin Sultan, CIA and Israel. In response, Prince Bandar went to Russia and was reported to have threatened Vladimir Putin and Russia with something like 9/11 after Putin refused to betray Syria and accept Saudi bribe.
    This extraordinary event was first covered in the alternative media but it soon appeared in the Western media. Here is a link to one story about this meeting at the Daily Telegraph. In this link, it was reported that Prince Bandar told Putin also that the conflict in Syria military intervention and the result with be a regime change. Now, we can see how quickly the preparation for war of aggression against Syria began with the staging of chemical weapon’s attach in Al-Ghouta. What I would like to know is how world community will react if the facts of the 21 August in al-Ghouta is linked with the terrorists supported by the West and if and when the Saudi Arabia is proven to be the hand behind the use of chemical weapons in Syria?

  3. If the war against Syria it wil be financed with Arab money from the Qatar and Saudi Arbia. However, contrary to this article, this will not be a fight between Turkey, Qatar Saudi Arabia on one side and Syria on the other. This is WWIII and the first stage of Operation Barbarossa..
    Kerry told many lies– No U.S. boots on the grounds[cos Al Qaida terrorists including fair number of Chechens are on the ground in Syria]; Arabs will pay for the costs– Saudi Arabia and Qatari oil fields will be a ligitimate target if they particiapate on the aggression against Syria; Russia will stay in the sideline– yes Russia will not have boots on the grounds in Syria but Russia will give Syria the most advanced weapons since if Syria falls- Chechen terrorists next target is Russia itself..

  4. Traduction en francais

    Les terroristes (de Al Nosra) attaquent le village MA’ALOULA à majorité chrétienne (titre italien)

    Le film montre clairement que les terroristes tire au hasard sur des maisons du peuple syrien, et non à des forces gouvernementales! Ils viennent, terrorisent, et assassine au nom de leur propre interprétation maladive et tronqué de la religion, qui eux-mêmes, ne suivent même pas. Ils sont lourdement armés par les Etats-Unis et les pays Arabes du golfe ! Merci John McCain et aussi secrétaire d’État John Kerry.

    La mort par le sang de tous ces innocents, en ne concernant que les peuples araméens chrétiens sont sur vos mains personnellement!

    A propos des religions pratiqués, la population est est composée à la fois de chrétiens (principalement orthodoxe d’Antioche et grecque-melkite catholique), et de musulmans.

    concernant les musulmans, l’héritage est d’autant plus remarquable,étant donné qu’ils n’ont pas été arabisés, contrairement à la plupart des autres Syriens qui aiment l’ont été au cours des siècles, mais ont également adopté l’arabe (la langue?) et sont “déphasés” à une identité ethnique “Arabe”.

    “que Dieu nous aide et nous protège contre cete vicieuse vermine. Amen”

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