Syrian Arab Army freed Christian village of Maalula from terrorists (Video)



The population is grateful to the government military units who have rejected the foreign-backed terrorists outside the village of Maalula.

The armed gangs are now perched on the hill, occupying the hotel and the Christian sanctuary.

The Syrian Armed Forces keep them stuck up on the hill, surrounding them, avoid creating more victims and avoid damaging the Christian monastery.








4 thoughts on “Syrian Arab Army freed Christian village of Maalula from terrorists (Video)

  1. This tragic event is precisely the reason the Christians and Muslim soldiers should have guarded this town before to prevent invasion of this type. The U.S. political leaders are indebted to Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Qatar and Saudi Arabia are financing Al Nusra Front war of aimless vandalism against Syria’s ancient cultural heritage. The U.S. military will act as a rented mercenary force against Syria. President Vladimir Putin must act firmly as he is the only one who could change the situation for the better in the face of blatant aggression against the Syrian Christians and their ancient tradition and values.

  2. L’armée arabe syrienne à libéré le village chrétien de Ma’aloula des teroristes (vidéo)

    Par Syriannetwork, le 7 Septembre 2013


    ~Les bandes armées se cachent dans la colline, occupant aussi l’hôtel et le sanctuaire chrétien

    Les forces armées syriennes les laissent cachés (ou coincés) (ndlr: les terroristes), et les encerclent, afin d’éviter de créer plus de victimes et éviter d’endommager le monastère chrétien.


    Lien permanent :

  3. Despite this tragic development of the Al Nusra invasion of this peaceful historical village, the U.S. President Obama and his secretary of State John Kerry continue to lie about the fact majority of the fighters inside Syria against the government of Syria are Al Qaida-linked terrorists. However, Saudi Arabia is today the primary financer of the bloodshed in Syria but also Saudi Arabia is spreading its Wahhabi ideology of hate by building Mega Wahhabi Mosques in all the cities and countries of the West. One day in the near future the West will harvest its rewards in kinds by helping Al Qaida terrorists ripe Syria into pieces. I believe Putin knows this fact and for that reason he will not allow the U.S. imperialists to destroy Syria. Russia will also help Syria win the war against these beastly terrorists. The West will then face the reality of terrorism they have created and supported against Syria in their own societies. The terrorists have gained important military skills from their war experiences in Syria and they will use them elsewhere.

  4. Obama went back to the White House from the G20 meeting as a failed leader because he was confronted by a situation in which the majority of the world leaders do not support his impeding war of aggression against Syria. Most critically, during the G20 meeting President Vladimir Putin received a letter from Pope Francis. The Pope asked Putin to prevent catastrophic war of aggression against Syria.

    Kerry is now accusing Europe of being “silent” in the face of slaughter! But Europe is not silent. European leaders know the majority of the dead in Syria are Syrian soldiers, officers, Christians and other supporters of the government of President Bashar Al-Assad. So, once again, Kerry is telling blatant lies. In 2004, John Kerry lost his bid to the U.S. Presidency to GW Bush because he was confront by his previous lies about his record of service during Vietnam War. Now, the entire world could see that John Kerry is a habitual liar.
    Few days ago, in front of the entire world, John Kerry denied there are Al Qaida-linked terrorists operating inside Syria. That means John Kerry want to deny he supports Al-Qaida linked Al Nusra front terrorists who have been killing and beheading Christians, soldiers and women and children in Syria! Once again Kerry is telling a big lie despite the fact in the last 48 hours Pope Francis has been leading a prayer and vigil for peace for Syria at St Peter’s Square and that 100,000 people came to hear his message of peace.
    In reality, Europe does not want to support war of aggression against Syria waged by Al Qaida-linked terrorists. Europe and the world knows that the current war against Syria is being financed with Saudi and Qatari petro dollar. What Kerry cannot understand is that he and his country are not part of the Western civilization and that the war his country is waging against Syria covertly and is threatened to wage it overtly is a war waged for oil, radical Wahhabism and Zionism- all of which have nothing to do with Western civilization and values.

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