MAALULA, Aramaic Christian village, Updates September 8, 2013



MAALULA, Aramaic Christian village,
Updates September 8, 2013

The Syrian Arab Army has freed the village and sent reinforcements, including tanks, to the village of Maaloula – which has been at the forefront of heavy clashes this week.

An ancient Christian sanctuary, Maaloula has been besieged by Al-Qaeda/al-Nusra affiliated terrorists since Wednesday.

RT’s Maria Finoshina has gained access to the stricken area.




recorded from
Russia Today Television & PressTV

by Network




5 thoughts on “MAALULA, Aramaic Christian village, Updates September 8, 2013

  1. Mise à jour concernant Ma’aloula, village araméen chrétien, le 8 septembre 2013

    Par syrianetwork, le 8 septembre 2013
    L’armée arabe syrienne a libéré le village et envoyé des renforts, dont des chars, dans le village de Ma’aloula – qui a été à la pointe de violents affrontements cette semaine.

    Un ancien sanctuaire chrétien, Ma’aloula a été assiégée par des terroristes affiliés Al-Qaeda/al-Nosra depuis mercredi.

    Maria Finoshina de RT (chaine russe) a obtenu un accès à la zone sinistrée.
    Vidéo enregistrée à partir de Russia Today Television
    par Network

  2. Loh Kerry and neocon are liars and they are with the terrorists in Syria. Now the entire world must firmly stand with the people of Syria. Dearth to the neocons and all enemies of Syria.

  3. The following link show that saturday Al Nusra attack on this Christian village may have been a well calculated but ultimately futile attempt designed to distract the Syrian Arab Army’s from its successful clean up of the Rig Damascus. I believe the following link shows that the latest attack at Damascus from three different directions was well coordinated with the imperialistic forces but it failed! Long live the Syrian Arab Army!!!!!

  4. Here this report from the Sept 6 ANNA news shows that the Al Nusra terrorists operating around Syria’s capital city have been cut into half and encircled by the SAA. I do believe Al Nusra terrorists attack of this Christian village was part of an attempt at breaking out from their current status of encirclement. I also do believe their foreign trainers are cooperating with them but each and all of the terrorists’ attempts have been rebuffed by the Syrian Arab Army!!!!!

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