Arab Nation against US Aggression Conference affirms support for Syria


Arab Nation against US Aggression Conference affirms support for Syria

September 08, 2013 – Cairo, (SANA-H. Said) – The participants in the Conference of “The Arab Nation in the Face of the US Aggression on the Arab World”, which concluded Saturday, stressed that the U.S. threats to launch an aggression on Syria are considered a transgression against the entire Arab nation and its national security.

The concluding statement of the Conference, which was held in the Egyptian capital Cairo, expressed denunciation of all Arab and foreign calls that try to provide justifications for the US-Zionist aggression on Syria.

It considered that the plans of the US and its allies of the West and Zionism to launch an attack against Syria come in completion of its armed attacks on the Arab region which started with invading Iraq in the framework of its so-called “The New Middle East” project aimed to divide the Arab nation.

The statement condemned the use of chemical weapons by any side, stressing its belief that “those who killed millions of Iraqis, Afghans and Japanese by nuclear weapons and covered the Zionism’s crimes against the children of Palestine and Lebanon can’t use the pretext of defending the Syrian people to launch an aggression that would kill thousands of Syrians.”

The statement underscored that the real aim behind the potentional attack against Syria is “to destroy and divide the Syrian national entity and debilitate its national state and destroy the Syrian army.”

The Conference slammed the stances of some official Arab sides that are encouraging the U.S. aggression, and hailed on the other hand all the forces and countries that announced their rejection of this aggression, declaring the inauguration of “The Arab Alliance” in the face of any US aggression on Syria and the Arab world.




2 thoughts on “Arab Nation against US Aggression Conference affirms support for Syria

  1. The U.S. media is starting to ask hard questions by pointing out the fact that the Obama administration has no irrefutable evidence which show that the Syrian Arab Army used chemical weapons against its own people. As a result, now the Obama administration is speaking allegations of chemical Weapons use based not on evidence but on “commonsense”
    So, Obama is a liar just like John Kerry because he is willing to start a war of aggression against Syria withouth credible evidence of WMD use by the SAA! In the mean time, John Kerry continues his lies but the Arab people support Syria, Russia supports Syria, Iran supports Syria, Asia supports Syria, Latin American nations support Syria, Africa supports Syria, European people support Syria, the Pope support Syria and these are the reasons the Western media is now exposing Obama administration’s lies because the U.S. cannot win war of aggression against Syria. Long Live the Syrian Arab Army! Long live the Arab Nation! Long live Vladimir Putin and Great Russia!

  2. Today we have the United States’ President, a man who we are told has a law degree and who specialized on Constitutional law. However, today President Barack H.Obama wants to attack the sovereign nation of Syria-a nation which in no way has threatened the security of the United States by using “commonsense” evidence. Not long ago it was also a commonsense belief in the United States as Slavery of blacks by whites was natural and normal! Great Russia must stand firmly to Obama’s bloodlust and warmongering aims against Syria.

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