Video-Report from the Syrian Christian village of Maaloula by the words of the residents



Inside Syria, the number of Al-Qaeda-linked extremists within the opposition ranks is reportedly growing.

And they’re not just fighting government troops but also their former rebel allies, with the fiercest battles taking place near the Turkish border.



Civilians are also suffering with the ancient Christian village of Maaloula just one area to fall into the hands of jihadists.

RT’s correspondent in Syria Maria Finoshina reports.





2 thoughts on “Video-Report from the Syrian Christian village of Maaloula by the words of the residents

  1. Sooner or later the Russian side will have to come to terms the fact that the Western powers are not interested in peace and security for the Syrian people. The West wants regime change in Syria in order to install a puppet regime that will allow the construction of gas pipeline that will pump gas from Qatar to EU countries via Turkey. In order to achieve this goal the West is willing to do everything including empowering Al Qaida terrorists or staging chemical weapons attacks in order to meet artificially constructed Red Line when in fact the blood of the Syria people is shed on daily basis by foreign terrorists means nothing to Western imperialists.

    Now, Western empowered terrorists are targeting Russian embassy in Damascus in order to increase the pressure on the Russian side. Russia must realize that the war on Syria is the first phase of the 21 century Operation Barbarossa: the main players are by and larger the same of those who brought the 20th century Barbarossa to the Soviet Union- and the aims are the same: over control of energy/resources/looting and use of violence to achieve these goals. Russia must increase military support for Syria’s legitimate government and let the imperialists know that Syria will not be allowed to fall to the hands of terrorists.

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