LATEST NEWS FROM SYRIA ~ September 30, 2013 ~ Eng/Fra/Esp


Following the request of many friends, who are unable to access to SANA to read the official news and do not have access to the satellite of the Syrian National TV, we propose here a summary of the main articles of the day and the Syrian video-news in Eng/Fra/Esp


















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3 thoughts on “LATEST NEWS FROM SYRIA ~ September 30, 2013 ~ Eng/Fra/Esp

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  2. As I have doing whenever I have little time, I want to start my comment prayer for the Syrian Arab Army- the true defenders of the Syrian homeland the people. In addition, today Obama’s criminal empire shuts down. Many political pundits have noted that Obama’s war of aggression against Syria was and still is in part a way of diverting the American people the declining status of their society. Finally, Syria has recently discovered massive energy resources in the form of new gas depots and the current war waged against Syria is primarily about imperialistic attempt to takeover Syria and its resources. Syria needs to sign strong mutual security packed with Russia.

    • agree with you 100%, but Damascus & Moscow have already signed it and are working together on the same path

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