Syrian Child recruited in terrorist groups: "I’ve killed 10 soldiers and 13 civilians" (Text+Video Eng/Arab)

child killed 10 soldiers and 13 civilians


Child recruited in so-called “Ahfad al-Rasoul” terrorist group: “I’ve killed 10 soldiers and 13 civilians”

Damascus, (SANA-F.Allafi) – Child, Shaaban Abdullah Hamida, from Aleppo province narrated the details of his recruitment in the so-called “Ahfad al-Rasoul” terrorist group by his uncle Yehya Aziz Aziz to commit terrorist crimes.

Hamida said in his confessions which were aired on the Syrian TV, “My uncle asked me to join so-called “Forgive Me Father” group which is affiliated to “Ahfad al-Rasoul” and offered me an amount of money and told me he would buy me a gun to show off to my friends.”

He added that he hunted soldiers and civilians alike, while his uncle notified him of the persons who would cross by and whom he should not hunt as they were affiliated with “Ahfad al-Rasoul”.

“I’ve killed some ten soldiers, thirteen civilians and nine gunmen, and I got used to killing any person without feelings,” the child said.


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2 thoughts on “Syrian Child recruited in terrorist groups: "I’ve killed 10 soldiers and 13 civilians" (Text+Video Eng/Arab)

  1. Videos such as one in this blog which show how children are being recruited by terrorists who train them and force them to commit heinous crimes will further discredit war mongering liars of the West such as Obama et al and their regional petro dollar allies. Children such as this boy need a life time of healing and therapy. Syria has the support of all people with goodwill. Western liars have been exposed. Know the entire world knows West’s direct collaboration with Al Qaida terrorists against the people of Syria.

  2. This chilling testimony of a child turned to a remorseless terrorist killed would have been shocking if we have not seen all the previous videos showing every unimaginable and imaginable war crimes committed by the Al Qaida terrorists in Syria. We are still waiting a total exposure of the staging of Al Ghouta chemical war crimes because there is good reason to believe the CIA knew the Saudis were planning to do something like that.

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