Syrias Opposition SNC Ex-Presidents Abdul Basit Sieda & George Sabra Humiliated by Turkish Students

(Eretz Zen Uploaded a video and report from Turkey, “AntiochGuy” translated)


(SNC representatives in Istanbul), thought they were going to deliver “their truth” to some of Turkey’s University students, but they got a bit more than they bargained for.

This video shows how Turkish students confronted the lies perpetrated by the Syrian National Council (SNC) ex-presidents Abdul Basit Sieda and George Sabra in a forum that supposedly discusses Syria through the eyes of the opposition.

The protesting students denounced the SNC narrative as nothing but lies and highlighted some of the crimes that the armed wing of the SNC, namely the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), has committed in Syria from massacres and ethnic cleansing.



The majority of the world has witnessed the massacres committed by the FSA/Al-Nusra/Al-Qaeda/ISIL/ISIS (and all their other 100 plus fractions from at least 83 other countries) for over 2 and a half years now. No matter how anyone wants to “paint” these terrorist organizations, they are not fighting to bring any such thing as “Freedom and Democracy” to Syria, but to change the current government of Bashar al-Assad to a “Puppet” of the USA and Israel like they have tried (and failed), in many other countries in the Middle East.

No matter how hard the West, Gulf States, Turkey or Israels mouthpieces try to convince the world of the intentions of the “opposition,” their gruesome crimes against humanity can be witnessed all over youtube if you have the stomach to watch. They have dismembered children with saws, beheaded Bishops up to cannibalizing a dead Syrian soldier.

I dare ask any “normal” person, is this really for “Democracy?” Is this what Syrians are dying for? The answer is NO!


By Nevaehwest




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