Eight citizens martyred in terrorists’ mortar attacks in Damascus


Damascus – (SANA-B. Mousa / H.Siad) – 06/10/2013 – The death toll of the terrorist attacks in the residential area of al-Qasa’a in Damascus rose to 8 , in addition to 24 injured, according to a source at the Police Command.

The source told SANA that three mortar shells landed in the intersection of the French hospital in al-Qasa’a, causing the martyrdom of 8 citizens and the injury of 24 others.

The source pointed out that terrorists targeted with a mortar shell the Church of the Holy Cross in the aforementioned area, injuring three citizens and causing material damage to the church.

A number of houses and cars were damaged in al-Yabroudi Street in al-Qasa’a by a shell, which hurt no one, the source added.

SANA reporter said the terrorist attacks caused great material damage to a number of cars, shops and houses where the shells fell.

20131006-154941 20131006-154918


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