Statement of the LNPM ( Libyan National People’s Movement) on the occasion of kidnapping the so-called head of the Interim Government of Libya


Statement of the LNPM ( Libyan National People’s Movement) on the occasion of kidnapping the so-called head of the Interim Government of Libya

The Libyan National People’s Movement (LNPM) as it follows what is happening in Libya of developments the latest of which is the abduction by the armed militias of the so – called head of the interim government would like to elucidate the following to all States and international and regional organizations:


What took place in Libya was not a revolution for the sake of democracy , but it was a military operation by armed terrorist organizations that succeeded in deceiving the international community until they managed to tighten their grip on Libya and turned the country into self-governed fiefdoms run by lawless militias, where by the worst violation of the rights of individuals and groups is practiced and where repression , kidnapping and terrorism is adopted as a single policy for the control of Libya’s decision. This in turn means that the so-called legitimacy in Libya is but a lie peddled and then ratified by those responsible for toppling the Libyan State, and that the so-called national Congress and the interim government are only the image behind which the militia forces that dominate Libya now are hiding themselves without any legal, moral or political controls.


The kidnapping of the so-called head of the interim government is not an isolated or unique event; for a few days earlier the head of his office was kidnapped, and so was the son of the defense minister, while the former interior minister and defense minister were threatened. Kidnapping has become a normal process in Libya that is repeated around the clock. Perhaps wide range of kidnappings of girls from schools and universities in the city of Tripoli during the month of September is ample proof of the seriousness of the security situation in Libya.


The Movement ascertains that one of the most important indicators of a failed State is the inability to safeguard and secure the head of state, and what that entails of lack of cooperation from the international community with such a State.

Therefore, the LNPM would like to submit the following to the international community:


To consider Libya a failed state and not to provide help to the so-called interim government because that would mean direct support to the armed gangs that are practically in control of Libya and exercise a flagrant violation of the rights of individuals and spread chaos and terror in the country. Any fruitful cooperation conducive of restoring security and stability to Libya should be with the forces of the Libyan National forces.


We call upon the international community to accelerate the process of correcting its position towards the Libyan people. This would entail providing the necessary support for the protection of the Libyan people including work to protect tens of thousands of prisoners incarcerated in inhumane conditions by armed criminal gangs, especially political, security and social leaders, as well as clergy, women, intellectuals, and journalists, all detained because of their resistance and opposition to the armed terrorist gangs. Such support should also include the two million Libyan displaced abroad from the influence of armed terrorist militias and to refrain from chasing national political, media and social leaders and prevent attempts to delivered them to the terrorist gangs in control of Libya.


The Movement renews its willingness to interact with any regional or international peaceful political effort that would contribute to restoring security and stability to Libya; ensures the safety of its citizens and establishes a democratic civil State that respects human rights in accordance with international standards and embraces everyone without isolation or exclusion, through a true democratic process that embodies the will of the people without confiscation or compromise of Libya ‘s sovereignty , independence , and unable the restoration of the army and the police to work for the establishment of the rule of law and order.

The Libyan National People’s Movement
October 10, 2013


Link at Libyan Free Press News





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