"THE FLOOD" ~ (Video +18) ~ A documentary about the 2 ½ year aggression against Syria




Warning +18: A Documentary Film about the real events of what is going on in Syria since 2011 until 2013, Confession Story of Terrorism Atrocities committed by Al-Qaeda, Massacres, Humanitarian Crisis, Killing, Kidnapping, Slaughtering by ISIL, Jihadi Mercenaries, Armed Groups, Qatar-Saudi Arabia-Turkey-USA and Israel Crimes Against Humanity, conspiracy and war on Syria.





1 thought on “"THE FLOOD" ~ (Video +18) ~ A documentary about the 2 ½ year aggression against Syria

  1. Thank you for this documentary. I once read a comment attributed to Hitler’s propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels that if Germany wins WWII then nobody would remember or care about the heinous crimes of the Third Reich but if Germany losses the war then it will be the end of Germany. I believe the decision to unleash Al Qaida terrorists on Syria has similar calculations. I do also believe that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and even Israel are part of axis forces similar to those of the Third Reich. To their shock and dismay the people stood and is standing firm. In this way, just like Germany under the Third Reich, the current fascists were over confident, that they were sure of quick victory and that according to them, nobody would have remember the Al Qaida war on Syria. But like the Soviet Union in WWII, today, the Syrian Arab Army and the people is standing firm.

    Of course, we all know who are big players. In reality, unleashing Al Qaida on Syria is mean to use Syria as a testing ground. The real plan is to unleash the same Al qaida forces on Russia-via North Caucasus and on Iran. We see today that Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Bahrain, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan and Pakistan are on flames. This is what U.S. democracy actually means. I do fear that the next to be sit on total ruination is Egypt and the only way to prevent that is if Egyptian Army and people reject taking bribe money from Saudi and join hand and hand with the Syrian people and Army in the defense of the future of the Arab people.

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