Syrian Arab Army cutting off al-Qaeda supply routes in Lattakia and advances in al-Qalamoun: 150 jihadist mercenaries killed


Syrian Army cutting off al-Qaeda supply routes in Lattakia and advances in al-Qalamoun 

Members of the armed terrorists militia have fired several mortar shells on al-Qusour and al-Ghasani neighborhoods of Damascus, while Syrian Arab Army has advanced in al-Qalamoun.


Mortar shells fired by “Free Army” on Damascus

A mortar shell fired by insurgents has landed near al-Sayyedeh Dimashq church in al-Qusour area , what resulted in material damage, but no injuries were recorded among the civilians.

3 other mortar shells fired by armed men have landed on al-Ghasany area, what resulted in many civilian injuries. 

Syrian Army advances in al-Qalamoun and kills 150 armed men.

150 armed men have been killed during an operation carried out by Syrian Arab Army in al-Nabek, Yabroud and the east of Jeroud areas.

Syrian Armed Forces has achieved an important advance in the area, the thing that has a strategic importance because the area liberated links the middle of Syria to its north and south, as it also stretches to the Lebanese and the Iraq borders with Syria.

Syrian Arab Army has conducted a series of operations in Idlib countryside, killing and wounding scores of militants.

Units of armed forces carried out operations in the jungles of al-Arbaeen Mount and clashed with armed militias that were entrenched near Syriatel area; the operation led to the killing and injuring of many militants besides destroying a vehicle equipped with a machinegun. Maher Nazem Haj al-Moussa, a member of “Sukour al-Sham” was identified among the killed gunmen.

Syrian Army’s artillery targeted many sites of insurgents in the vicinity of al-Arbaeen Mount and both villages of Ma’rzaf and Kafrlatah, the thing that led to the killing and wounding of many of militants besides destroying their headquarters completely.

Breaking News Network correspondent pointed out that clashes are taking place for the seventh consecutive day around Wadi al-Daif and al-Hamedia sites of Ma’art al-Nouman under the battle of “al-Zalazleh”, which was initiated by gunmen; however, no further advance towards the very sites can be achieved.

Army units that are stationed around the two sites did yesterday evening repel a violent attack, as they also managed to kill all the members of an armed group which attempted to infiltrate into al-Hamedia site, our reporter noted.

Both Air and artillery Forces targeted several militant positions in the clashes’ site, and also in the towns of Ma’rshashmeh, Maarshoreen, Tlemnis and Zahret Tlemnis. These towns are considered as hubs where militants launch their attacks.

Army is close to cutting off al-Qaeda’a supply routes in Lattakia suburbs:

Syrian Army is so close to cutting off routes stretching to Rabia’a town. These routes are used as supply routes by al-Qaeda in Lattakia suburbs.

According to Breaking News reporter, army started advancing from Baeit Halabiah in Lattakia’s northern suburbs till Al-Malek village where army finally positioned itself.

This way, army now is so close to cutting off supply routes to Rabia’a township which is a bastion of by al-Nusra Front militias.


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3 thoughts on “Syrian Arab Army cutting off al-Qaeda supply routes in Lattakia and advances in al-Qalamoun: 150 jihadist mercenaries killed

  1. This is the greatest news in this great Eid Day for me and for all those who love the Syrian people. This great day I pray for the great sons of the Syrian Arab Army, I pray rest and eternal glory for martyred and quick recovery for the wounded soldiers and courage for the soldiers who are fighting in the battlefields. Death to the enemies of Syria! Long Live Syria! God Bless the Syrian Arab Army!

  2. Here is another lesson for all of us: the following two stories reflect what happens when American exceptionalism fails to get its way with Russia. Note Russia is the main defender of Syria. One would like to know how it is possible that today the U.S. and the entire Western powers at once support the basic human rights of gay people and Al Qaida in Syria!
    Note, Al Qaida in Syria is good for them and gay rights are never enforced against friendly oil Sheiks, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia! Only against Russia!–Event-Organizer.html

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