Terrorist blows himself up in Darkoush while “Free Army” bombed a church in Damascus


Terrorist blows himself up in Darkoush while “Free Army” bombed a church in Damascus

20 civilian were martyred as dozens of militants were killed today morning as a terrorist attack took place in Darkoush city in Edlib suburbs; also, militants shelled al-Abasiyeen area in Damascus for the second consecutive day.


A suicide attack strikes Darkoush

A suicide bomber, likely of al-Qaeda organization, has detonated a booby-trapped car in Darkoush town of Jeser al-Shughour claiming the lives of about 20 civilians. Due to the explosion, also, dozens of militants were killed or injured, Breaking News Network reporter said.

Mortar shells target al-Abasseyyen and al-Sayyeda church for the second consecutive day.

Two mortar shells have landed around al-Abasseyyen Stadium in al-Abaseyyen area of Damascus.

Breaking News Network correspondent points out that another shell has landed near Sayyedet Dimasheq church in the same area.

The correspondent says that no casualties have been recorded so far.

The Army kills a Tunisian leader of al-Qaeda

Syrian Arab Army has carried out a series of operations against the headquarters of al-Qaeda organization in Lattakia countryside.

Breaking News Network reporter points out that the Army has struck the locations of the insurgents in Ain Issa town killing 19 members of al-Qaeda, including a Tunisian rebel leader called by Abu Khalid Itjany.

Extremist blow up a Sufi cleric’s shrine

Elements of “The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” have detonated a car bomb in al-Rushdiah neighborhood, the thing that caused a number injuries.

This attack was followed by another when militants of “ISIL” targeted the same neighborhood in addition to other neighborhood like Fuad Cinema and al-Rudisat. Army thwarted the attack as it also killed and injured tens of the attackers.

Syrian Army continued its operations against headquarters of militias in al-Ragdan Hotel, al-Basel Square and near Starmix Company as well.

Extremist elements blew up many buildings in al-Rushdiah neighborhood, including the shrine of Shiek Abd al-Issa al-Rifaee, known as a Sufi cleric.

As for Hasaka an IED explosion targeted a patrol of al-Asayesh, the thing that caused the death of two members of the patrol. The IED exploded exactly near Hasaka’s City Council.


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One thought on “Terrorist blows himself up in Darkoush while “Free Army” bombed a church in Damascus

  1. This crime story out of Russia, which was published today at Ria Novosti homepage clearly shows how and why Caucasian terrorists have been brought to Syria not only to kill Syrians and desyroy Syria but also to learn all sorts of military techniques and tactics-including how to make and use chem ical weapons because the aim is to use these trained jihadists against Russia itself.


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