Wahhabis gangsters trained for chemical terroristic attack: Russian Security Services foil chemical crimes


MOSCOW, October 15 (RIA Novosti) – Russian authorities said Tuesday that they have detained two men suspected of planning a terrorist attack at a chemical weapons storage facility that could have caused “hundreds of deaths.”

The Investigative Committee said in a statement that the two men, aged 19 and 21, being investigated in connection with the plot are from the restive North Caucasus.

Investigators say the men have been planning since last month to bomb a building in the central Kirov Region used for the storage and disposal of chemical weapons.

“The action was planned in order to influence the decisions of the authorities and international organizations,” investigators said, without elaborating.

The men, described as followers of the Islamic Wahhabi sect, allegedly travelled from Moscow to the Kirov regional town of Kotelnich and occupied an abandoned house.

Security officials who carried out a search of the building found “extremist literature” and “foreign passports” made out in the suspects’ names, the statement said.

Law enforcement officials also discovered components for a home-made explosive device stashed at an abandoned building, the statement added.

One of the suspects has been accused of resisting Federal Security Service officers who were trying to detain them. The investigators’ statement did not say when the men had been detained, or name them, or say where in the North Caucasus they were from.

The Russian security forces have been fighting an insurgency in the country’s volatile North Caucasus for almost two decades. Islamist rebels continue to carry out armed attacks across that region and have also occasionally staged attacks in other regions of Russia.

The Kirov Region is one of several areas of the country housing chemical weapons destruction facilities for the thousands of tons of war gases of which Russia is disposing. The gases include the VX, Soman and Sarin nerve agents.

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7 thoughts on “Wahhabis gangsters trained for chemical terroristic attack: Russian Security Services foil chemical crimes

  1. Current Western terrorism against Syria is used as a training ground for the geopolitics of terrorism against Russia. This is plainly clear to those who want to pay attention.

  2. Part of me prays that history does not repeat itself when it comes to the crisis in Syria. On the other hand, part of me cannot avoid noticing uncanny similarities between today’s failed status of the UN system and the failure of the League of Nation which lead to the onset of WWII. In the West, WWII historians often avoid or minimize the 1931 Japanese invasion of China’s Manchuria, the Spanish Civil War and the 1938 Munch Agreement which basically gave Hitler the green late to invade Czechoslovakia. What the three events mentioned above have in common is foreign powers used local events to expand their own narrow agendas.

    Today, in Syria, we see aims of the United States in Syria being managed through terrorism and in alliance with Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Al Qaida soldiers from all over the world. We see concrete evidence of training, arming and financing terrorists as free armies which can be used as geopolitical instrument of violence and terror. This strategy is not limited to Syria. We already see that Russia is a target for similar destabilizing strategies.

    I believe the only way to prevent tragedy events similar or much worse than those history has witnessed in WWII is for Russia, the only nation who has the military might to draw a red line on Syria and demand nations supporting Al Qaida terrorists in Syria to end their war crimes or face the consequences of supporting terrorism against sovereign countries .
    If Russia fails to do that now, I am certain, Russia will be forced to do that very soon when the same terrorists forces will be unleashed against Russia itself. Why is Prince Bandar Bin Sultan feel free to threaten Russia with terrorism? Why is he allowed to finance Al Qaida terrorists against Syria? If one man, in this case, Prince Bandar Bin Sultan, can finance the destruction of Syria and Iraq by using money and foreign terrorists, what will prevent him to use the same tactic against any other nation- let us say, against Russia?

  3. Now, here is a example of how “truths” are discursively produced via social media– and how terrible suffering can be openly created ( flase flag by killing real innocent children and using their bodies) in order to justify the unspeakable. Nazi Germany used the same media tactics.

  4. The US radicalized tens of thousands of poor Muslim youths to go and fight the good old soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980’s,they did this in Bosnia and Kosovo to.The leaders of the west like their deranged Islamist terrorists are brutal savages.

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