LATEST NEWS FROM SYRIA ~ October 17, 2013 ~ Eng/Fra/Esp


Following the request of many friends, who are unable to access to SANA to read the official news and do not have access to the satellite of the Syrian National TV, we propose here a summary of the main articles of the day and the Syrian video-news in Eng/Fra/Esp












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One thought on “LATEST NEWS FROM SYRIA ~ October 17, 2013 ~ Eng/Fra/Esp

  1. Offering a said to Saudi Arabia (country with perhaps the worst human rights record in the world) speaks the weakness of the UN system and the power of Petro dollar-Al Qaida/U.S. geopolitical strategy in the ME. Russia must resist these forces for they are directed against Russia and not only against Syria and Iran. May God Bless Vladimir Putin and Great Russia for helping Syria with weapons of victory and political support. Today, the Syrian Arab Army is fighting for the pride and honour of Syria and for the future of the entire Arab people and that of our collective humanity.

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