Archbishop Hanna: occupation of Syrian Golan will come to an end

Attallah Hanna_750


Occupied Golan – Archbishop of the Sebastian Roman Orthodox Church, Attallah Hanna, said during his visit to the occupied Syrian Golan, “When we come to the occupied Syrian Golan, we are in Syria and we do not recognize occupation as it will eventually come to an end.”

In a speech delivered at the Sham Center in the occupied village of Majdal Shams, Archbishop Hanna added, “We have come from Jerusalem carrying a message of hope and peace to congratulate our people in the Syrian Golan on the occasions of Eid al-Adha and the October Liberation War.”

For his part, Sheikh Nazih Mahmoud welcomed on behalf of the Golan people Archbishop Hanna saying, “Our compass as Syrians will remain the occupied Palestine, and Syria will have ultimate victory against the war launched agaisnt it”.


SANA-F.Allafi – 17/10/2013

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